Bunty goes to Cannock Chase

I enjoyed my last adventure so much; I decided to go on another. I was looking though one of mommy and daddy’s walking magazines and saw this walk at Cannock Chase. It is called the Healthy Heart Walk and it has something to do with some one called the Forestry Commission. It said in the magazine that it was a sculpture trail; I wasn’t sure what a sculpture was but was excited to see.

Look its a big me

Look its a big me

I found the start of the trail and hopped around, no big puddles to hop over this time, but still very muddy, (I will need to clean my boots). All along the trail are the sculptures with little boards to tell you who made them and what they mean and how to look after your heart by eating lots of fruit and vegetables, (which I do), and taking lots of excise, like walking, (which I am starting to do). Some of the sculptures were very big and are there all the time and some are not so big and have been made by children. There was a special place to build a den too, but I couldn’t build one because the sticks were too big, I may try in our garden. The first sculpture I really liked was this one because it looks like me.

I am on daddy's chair

I am on daddy's chair

The next one I really liked was the 3 chairs from Goldilocks I sat on the daddy chair which was the biggest, it was very tall, I had to climb.

There was a secret path hidden in the trees and right at the end was a tree that elves live in, they had their washing hanging out and there were little doors in the side of the tree.

I think I should get a pair

I think I should get a pair

I loved this one, it’s even bigger that daddy’s shoes, it took me a long time to climb to the top and I could see for ever such a long way, I didn’t stay up there long, it was very windy and I got a bit scared.

My legs were very tried by now so I went home, but I had had a lovely day and I found out that a sculpture is something someone has made. I may have a go at making a sculpture myself.

Keep Hopping

cannock chase info

forestry commission info


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