Bunty builds a den


At Last

At Last

I think that children must be very clever. I tried to build a den, and it was hard work. First of all I collected up some sticks that the wind had blown off the trees, I put them all in a pile and tried to drag them to where I wanted them but I kept dropping them and they kept getting caught on other things, and tripping me up! So I put them all down and dragged them two at a time until they were all in the right place.

Tinkerbelle gives  instructions

Tinkerbelle gives instructions

Then I tried to stand them up and they kept falling over, so I tried to lean them on a wall, but when I climbed in they fell down again! Tinkerbelle found all this very funny and after she had stopped laughing, she asked me what I was doing. I told her that I had seen children building a den and that I wanted one.

Like this

Like this

So she told me how to do it, first of all I had to take the biggest stick and shove it hard into the ground, then lean all the other sticks around the outside starting with the longest ones first and then put the little ones around the outside.

Tinkerbelle said she thought it might be a nice idea to put a carpet of leaves on the floor so that I didn’t get to cold or too wet while I was playing. So we went in search of something nice and dry and found some conifer leaves that had been cut off the trees last year. Tinkerbelle told me that conifers are called evergreens and never ever lose their green leaves so my carpet will stay nice for a long time. (Tinkerbelle is so clever).

Done, do you like my den?

Done, do you like my den?

Tinkerbelle inspects my work

Yes, well done Bunty

Yes, well done Bunty

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2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Russ L said,

    It’s a good job it was Tinkerbelle there.

    Some of the other cats wouldn’t have been very helpful at all.

  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    You are right big brother, I think kitten would just have knocked it down and sat on it.

    Thanks for hopping by.

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