Bunty Bunny goes to Leasowes

hard water?

hard water?


I have been on another adventure, this time I went to Leasowes Park. It was a very cold day and the water on the pond had gone hard! I felt so sorry for the ducks; they only had a little patch of water to swim in. I asked one duck what they had done to their water, why had they made it hard, (it seemed a bit silly to me), he laughed and laughed and said the pond had frozen. I had no idea what he meant and just has I was going to ask he flew off. There were lots of dogs playing and running around chasing balls and dragging big sticks, I must say it did look fun. A big dog came running towards me chasing his ball and asked if I wanted to join in the game, I told him I was on an adventure and didn’t really have time. He told me his name was Tex and when he was a pup he used to have adventures, but he was too old now and just liked to play with his ball then go home and sleep until supper time. I asked him about the hard water and he told me that in cold weather water freezes and turns to ice. He was much nicer than the rude duck who just laughed at me. Just then his people called him, so we said good bye and Tex told me to watch for ice on the paths, I wondered what he meant.

I nearly fell down the hole

I nearly fell down the hole

So off I set again past the pond and along a little path with trees on one side and a little stream on the other, there were little puddles of ‘ice’ on the paths and I watched them for a little while but nothing happened, then I came to a little bridge and as I started to cross it I step on a patch of ice and slipped, I nearly fell in the water! So that’s what Tex meant, ice can be slippery.

lunch time

lunch time

By now I was feeling hungry, so I found a nice place to sit and got out my lunch, today I brought along some special bird nuts and seeds as well as my carrot so that I could share. A few ducks swam over and asked what I had for lunch and I told them carrots, but I had nuts and seeds too, so they came and had lunch with me, they enjoyed the nuts and we had a chat about the frozen pond I had seen, I asked them why their pond had not frozen and they told me their water was moving, so it was harder for it to freeze. Then all of a sudden they all got back in the water and started to swim across the pond to the other side where I could see people. That just left me and Bob the Robin, Bob explained that big people often bring bread to feed the ducks and when the weather was cold the ducks had to eat as much as they could. (you can just see Bob above me in this photo). I am glad I am not a duck or have to live outside in the winter.

The new waterfall

The new waterfall

After my lunch I carried on with my hop and had a look at the new waterfall, people are working very hard on the park to make it look like it did in the 18th century, they have rebuilt some of the ponds and streams and are putting in new trees and paths, it will look very nice in the summer.

I am a long way up!

I am a long way up!

The end of my hop took me up a very big hill and when I got to the top I had to sit on a bench, what a clever idea to have a bench on the top, lots of adventurers must need it. I could see for ever such a long way, I could even see Clent Hills.

Then it was time to go home to my nice warm home.

And on this adventure I have learnt what ice is.

Keep Hopping

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