Bunty goes to Baggeridge and Himley Hall

That was a lot of steps

That was a lot of steps

My next adventure was to Baggeridge Park, I really liked this place. There are lots of marked hops and lots of hops that shoot off the main paths. I started on a yellow route but then saw some steps, so I decided to go down these and see what was there. The steps were a bit bigger than I thought they would be and I had to have a little rest when I got to the bottom.
At the bottom of the steps were a couple of paths, one that was a path and one was a muddy trail, I thought it would be fun to take the muddy trail. The windy muddy trail went through some woodland with pretty sliver trees and lots of little birds, I could hear a wood pecker but I couldn’t see him.
mossy rocks

mossy rocks

Then I came to a very rocky patch, the rocks had moss on them which was very slippery, but I just had to have a little climb on them and I got my lovely new trousers dirty. After a very long walk I found I had hopped in a big circle and was back where I had started!

I hopped a little more along the yellow route and past lots of pools with ducks and other birds and very noisy sea gulls. When I came to the end of the hop I found a map that said a place called Himley Hall was just over the road. I wasn’t feeling tired so I decided to go and have a look. First I hopped down a big path until I came to a great big lawn, I was so excited I ran and ran it was lovely to have so much space to run and hop in. I practiced my hopping for a while then went to look at the house. The house opens in April, so all I could do was hop around the outside, so I did that.

Posh house, it's very big

Posh house, it's very big

I was beginning to feel tired now and I still had a very long hop back to where mommy and daddy were going to pick me up, so I set off. The hills seemed a lot bigger on the way back, my little legs hurt and when I got home I was so tired I went to bed without my carrot!

Keep Hopping

Baggeridge info Himley Hall info


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