Bunty Bunny walks Baggeridge ridge

help the naughty wind has taken my hat

help the naughty wind has taken my hat

I have been on another adventure, I went back to Baggeridge to hop the ridge. I wasn’t quite sure what the ridge was, but lots of people have said it’s a nice hop. You can follow the route which takes you along roads, but I don’t like cars so I decided to just hop the pretty bits. I started at a place called Gospel common which was at the top of a hill and was all dug up; it looked like lots of my cousins had been playing there. But then I read a sign that said it was being regenerated and being made back into heath land, whatever that is! Then I had to hop along a track with a farm on one side and horses on the other side, I was going to talk to the horses but it was so windy it was blowing me along and it blew my hat off and I had to hop very fast to catch it. The wind was blowing my ears about and my scarf kept hitting me in the face. I was very glad when I came to the woody bit because the wind couldn’t get me in there.

just look at the roots

just look at the roots

In the woody bit the wind could only blow gently, but it did make the trees rub together and they may a squeaky sound. The first time I hear it I was quite scared, I thought it was a monster, but then when I saw it was just the trees I felt a bit silly. I had a climb on this tree that had fallen down and looked at the roots, they were all twisty

After a long hop I came back into Baggeridge Park not far from Himley Hall and as I wasn’t tired I hopped to Himley. This time I went for a hop around the big pond, some people were sat by the side of the water with big sticks and bits of sting, I did wonder what they were doing, (and when I got home daddy told me they were fishing. I hope it doesn’t hurt the fish, it didn’t sound very nice).

I saw a tiny path heading into more woods and wondered if it went anywhere special. It looked like an easy path when I started but it got very steep very quickly and my little legs began to hurt, but it was too far to go back so I just carried on hopping and saw some lovely old trees. After a long time I made it back to the started of my hop and when I looked at the big watch I had been hopping for 3 hours!

That was hard!

That was hard!

My paws are sore but I had a lovely day.

You can see my other photos of my walk on the side bar.

Keep Hopping

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  1. 1

    Rach said,

    Hi Bunty,

    Hope mommy gave you a lovely bunny foot rub after that long walk 🙂


  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    Hello Rach,
    mommy gave me carrot juice and tucked me up in bed

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