Bunty meets her Aunty

I made a cake for my Aunty

I made a cake for my Aunty

I was very excited yesterday, my aunty came to visit, she lives a long way away it takes over an hour to get there in the car. I spent the morning making her a sponge cake and mommy told me how to make it so that when it was cut it had little squares inside. I made it with plain sponge and chocolate sponge, then put white chocolate and little chocolate eggs and fluffy chicks on top.

Aunty came in the afternoon and brought her daughter with her, I like aunty she gave me lots of cuddles and I showed her my clothes and my new sunglasses. I didn’t think I would like her daughter; she kept telling aunty to put me down and doing that thing with her eye’s, where they look up. But then she played with me and I decided I did like her after all. She showed me her friend on her computer; they can see people on their computer with something called a webcam, I wonder if a spider lives in it?

I hope she comes to visit again and brings her daughter along, it would be nice to take them on a little walk.

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  1. 1

    buntybunny said,

    hello Saurooon,

    Thanks for hopping by, I up date when I have had an adventure like meeting someone new or I have been on a trip.

    Hop by again soon, I have a few things planned

  2. 2

    Rach said,

    It was really lovely to meet you Bunty.

    You were every bit as lovely as I thought you would be.

    The cake was completely gorgeous, thank you, you are very talented.


    Aunty Rach


  3. 3

    buntybunny said,

    I like it when you came to play Aunty Rach.

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