Bunty goes to a Museum

ouch, this was not a clever idea

ouch, this was not a clever idea

Hello everyone,

I have been on another hopping adventure, this time to Cannock Chase but the other side. I didn’t know a place could have so many sides! This side is called Hednesford, it’s different from the other parts of the Chase I have visited, there were not so many trees this side, it’s what is called heath land, lots of wide open space with lots of heathers, (but no flowers yet) and little lumps of grass that look like little balls, and lovely bright yellow gorse bushes. I hopped up and down little hills but mostly it was flat, which made a nice change from all the big hopping I usually have to do to get over big trees and rocks.

This one is very old

This one is very old

As I hop around I came across a big grave yard, so I went in to have a look, there were notices on some of the trees to say not to go too close to some of the headstones as they were not safe, and when I looked a lot of them had fell over or were sinking into the ground. I gently hopped between them to have a look, the oldest one I found was 115 years old, that’s very old isn’t?

After I had been hopping for about two hours I found that I had hopped in a big circle and I was back where I had stared at the Museum. I have never been to a museum, but I know they are full of interesting things and mommy and big brother like to visit them so I thought I would hop in and have a look. On the floor that you start on were lots of boards to read telling about what plants and animals live on the Chase and about the old school and church’s nd a little bit about the war. There were also some paintings by Eleanor and John Cathcart which you could buy if you have lots of money. Then I went up stairs, I found up here far more fun, first of all there were two rooms made to look like a miner’s cottage and a 1940’s room. You stand outside and look in the windows, put on headphones and listen to a lady telling you all about the room and what it was like to live there, but she does it like she is really the lady. In the 1940’s house I learned all about how they used to spend there time listening to the radio and playing ludo. (She brought the radio with her wages from the her job at the ammunition factory), I think that’s where they helped to make the bombs and bullets for the war. Do you know women didn’t go out to work until the war? Then in the miners cottage I heard all about her husband coming home from work and how she would have his tea on the table as he walked through the door and he would sit down, sit all dirty and eat it, then have a bath in a big tin bath in front of the fire, they used the best soap something called Sunlight. They washed everything in it even their hair and they grated it into the washing which was done in a dolly tub. It looks like a big round tin with a wooden stick with little legs on it, and they had to bang it up and down to do the washing, it must have been very hard work. She also told us about when the mine whistle blows and all the women would go to the mine to see whose husbands had be killed, that made me feel very sad. The next bit was all about mining and had lots of bits of machinery, and things like boots and a stuffed canary. They used to take them down the mines to look for gas, not much fun for the poor little bird, but they didn’t have all the clever stuff we have now. There were films to watch and a little mine to walk through, it was so much fun. Then I went to look at the old toys. I really enjoyed the museum; I think everyone should go to museums

I didn’t meet any dogs or animals who wanted to chat today, I only saw one dog he hurry past me saying ‘can’t stop training my peoples to walk by my side’ I must say he was doing a very good job of it.

You can see more photo’s on the side bar, don’t forget to leave me your words so I know you have been, hop by anytime.

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