Bunty goes on Holiday

Tenby beach

Tenby beach

I have been on holiday to Tenby, it had a thing called a beach and sea. I was very excited as I had never seen the beach or sea before and wasn’t sure what it was. It took a very long time to get to Tenby but I was very excited so couldn’t go to sleep. When I got there the first thing I did was hop as fast as I could to see what the sea looked like. Oh my! I have never seen anything so big, all that water, and it wasn’t standing still like the water in my bath. It was coming in and out over the sand, that’s what a beach is you know, lots and lots of sand. But the sea, it was just so big and it made a lovely sloshing sound as it rolled in and out and it smelt nice. I hopped up and down the beach and saw jellyfish, (they don’t look like fish), crabs and star fish, all just lying there on the beach. It was so much fun. By now I was very tried, so I went back to the caravan and went to bed and dreamt of sea and fishes and my next adventure which was the very next day.

Keep hopping

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