Bunty goes on a long walk



Sunday the weather was nice and sunny I decided on the Manorbier to Tenby hop. (Around 8 mile). I got the bus to Manorbier Castle and hopped down to the beach where my big hop began. The route went from Manorbier to Presipe to Skrinkle to Lydstep beach and on to South beach Tenby. (I didn’t get to explore any of the caves as the tide was in almost all the while I was hopping, never mind). I found some lovely flowers growing on the cliff side, they must be ever so strong to live there, it’s very windy and sometimes the sea jumps up to wet them. . I had to hop up some very steep hills and down the other side, some of the paths were falling into the sea and there were great big drops into the sea down the side of the cliffs. I met a lady who asked me how far I had hopped and where I was heading, I told her and she said I would need a lot of energy to hop up the Lydstep steps. When I came to the Lydstep steps, I knew what she meant there were 111 of them and they were very big!

I got very tired towards the end of my big hop, I have never hopped this far before, and I was worried I wouldn’t get back in time for my carrots, but soon I could see the beach, so I knew I was almost home. My little paws were so sore and I was very hot, so When I got back to the caravan I had my carrots and went to bed!

Keep hopping


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