Bunty goes on a ghost walk and see’s another Castle

my castle

my castle

Wednesday when I woke up the sky was grey and it was raining. So I went for a trip the opposite way round the coast to the way I had been hopping. I past a nice looking beach which was very crowed so I went on to Angle, which is a very pretty little bay with a café and toilet and that’s all. I went in the café as it had turned very cold and after chatting with the nice lady I found out that the last beach was crowed because they are filming, (that means making), the new Harry Potter film there, and when that’s done they are filming Robin Hood. (I must watch a Harry Potter to see if I would like to be in a film).

On the evening I hopped into Tenby and went on an hour ½ long ghost walk. I didn’t get scared because the lady was very funny, I learnt about fairy rings, and how to take a curse off if ever a witch put one on me, and about ghosts that live in houses and do all sorts of naughty things, the lady made me laugh a lot.

Thursday the weather was still drizzly so I hopped along to Carew Castle and Tidal Mill. There were lots of steps to climb up and down and rooms to look in. Bats live in one of the towers but I couldn’t go and see them because they are very shy and sleep in the daytime. I liked the Mill too, because I could touch the machinery.

Then I went to the beach and built my own castle in the sand and watched the naughty seagulls fighting over some bread. They are so noisy.

Bert and Bonnie

Bert and Bonnie

I have had lots of adventures this week and seen lots of new things. Now I am very tried, but a very happy Bunty. Oh and I nearly forgot to tell you about the two naughty bunnies I met, Bert and Bonnie. The out side pool was closed, it said so on a big notice but they keep going in there to play. Very naughty as there was a big grass bit they could have played on.

Keep Hopping

castle info


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Rach said,

    Hi Bunty,

    I’ve just been reading all the fun you’ve had recently you lucky little bunny.

    I love all the photos, and all your very cute outfits.

    Take care and I look forward to reading more soon.


    Aunty Rach


  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    hello aunty Rach,

    I did have a fun time and hopefully I will be having a new adventure soon. Mommy is not very well at the moment so I am looking after her.

    Thank you for hopping by

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