Bunty has a weekend away

I love Cannock Chase

I love Cannock Chase

I have been camping again

Friday started off really sunny and as I hopped to the shower block I watched all the baby bunnies playing and hopping around under the other vans, they asked me to stop and play but I told them I had a very busy day. I set off hopping a route I knew to the Cannock Chase VC, I had to hop up the big steep Kit bag hill; it’s a long way up to the top, but I made it, there was a lady walking up too and she laughed and said it’s easer on the way back down, (I didn’t like to tell her I was walking a different way back), so I just smiled and said ‘Yes it will be’. When I got to the VC I popped into the loo to find Swifts nesting, (picture on my photos, you can just see her head popping out), she told me that someone had smashed the toilet window so they had moved in because it was a nice quiet place to stay. I then hopped over to the hide to look for birds, and there weren’t any! There were however loads of bunnies and squirrels. I then had a hop by the ponds and on to the forest VC. It had started to rain, and I don’t like getting wet so I hopped back to the caravan.

I like to watch the rain

I like to watch the rain

Saturday I set off for my hop and took a path I had not hopped before, which after a while brought me to a path I recognised so I hopped to the forest centre and decided a hop around the health heart walk would be nice, I wish I hadn’t, a lot of the sculptures were gone and the information boards had been removed and what was left had been left looked unloved I felt very sad. So I had a play on the park to cheer myself up, I went on a very big slide, the first time I went down it scared me, but I just had to have another go, slides are fun. Then I played ball with a dog called Ben. I had sat down for a drink and he came and sat by me. He asked me if I want to play ball, I wasn’t in a hurry so I said yes. We had a lovely time, me throwing the ball and Ben running after it and bring it back.

Sunday I hopped paths I had not hopped before and watched some men on mountain bikes riding down big hills and falling off! I don’t think I would like to do it. I also saw a very proud family of geese, the daddy goose brought his babies for me to see, and I told him they were quite the most beautiful babies I had seen. He seemed very pleased with that.

I had a really nice weekend and can’t wait for my next adventure. I have been looking at some old videos and have found one of mommy, daddy and big brother ballooning, that looked like fun.

Photos on the side bar

Keep Hopping

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  1. 1

    Rach said,

    I love these pics Bunty 🙂


  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    There are lots more on the side bar

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