Bunty goes to Kingsbury Water Park

It's nice here

It\’s nice here

On Sunday I went for a hop around Kingsbury Water Park, I didn’t know how big it was so I will need to go back again so that I can hop around the rest of it. It is very pretty and there are lots of pools and trees. I made some really nice friends.

I met a little baby moorhen called Tiny, he had lost his mommy, I was sure she hadn’t gone far, so I sat on the bank and talked to him. We chatted about what he liked best about his pond and he told me he liked playing hide and seek in the trees with his brothers and sisters. It wasn’t to long before his mommy came back, she thanked me for staying with Tiny and keeping him company. Then I carried on with my hop

Have you seen my mommy?

Have you seen my mommy?

After hopping for a little while I came to a big field full of wild flowers and butterflies. Aren’t butterflies funny? It made me laugh the way they never kept still and they talk just as fast as they move around, but the only thing they seem to want to talk about is how pretty they are, so I didn’t stay long.

Do you want to share my lunch?

Do you want to share my lunch?

A bit further on I met Benjamin, he’s a rabbit like me, except he was brown. He was nibbling at the grass and asked me if I cared to join him. So I did, then I shared my carrot with him. We chatted about where he live and he took me to see his burrow, it was quite dark, I told him about where I live and he thought it sound funny. We sat in the sun for a while and he told me about all his brothers and sisters, (he has quite a lot). Then it was time for me to hop some more.

I hopped to a pond and met a Grebe who told me he was good at fishing and just to prove it he dived into the pond and came back up with a fish, I was very impressed, I don’t think I could do.

A little further on I came to another pool where there was a lovely baby swan. I was just about to say hello when his daddy came over and hissed at me to leave his little boy alone! I only wanted to say hello, I think that swan was very rude. I feel sorry for the baby swan, he won’t have many friends if his daddy is always so rude.

This would be naught if it was a real one

This would be naught if it was a real one

There is a miniature railway there too, It wasn’t running when I was there so it was safe for me to sit on the track, but you must never ever walk on the tracks of the really big trains, it’s very dangerous, and you shouldn’t really play on them either, I was a very naughty Bunty. I will not do it again. I was very tried by now, so I went home.

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