Bunty goes to find Bats

This was exciting, I went to Kingsbury Water Park in the evening to join a bat hop, (sorry there are no photos it was dark). First of all we had tea, lots of people had jacket potatoes, but I didn’t think I would like a potato with a coat on so I had a carrot. Then we went and sat in a room and a very nice man showed us some pictures of bat’s and told us some very interesting facts about them. Then it was time to go and look for them, we all hopped out into the trees and I could hear little chirpy sounds on the bat detector. This is a little machine that picks up the noises that the bats make, because they speak at a very high pitch that no one can hear. The bat detector started to make a lot of noise and the man said look up and there were two little Pipistrelle’s they are the smallest bat’s that we have here in the UK. We then hopped down by the lake, and all the time the Pipistrells’s were flying around above us looking for their tea. We stood looking at the lake and before long we saw two Daubentons flying just above the water, they are the only bats that do this and they catch the bugs with their big feet. Their favourite food is yellow bellied moths, but they can’t eat the wings so they pull them off and drop them on the floor. They always go to the same place to eat, so if you find a pile of wings on the floor, just above you  is where the bat sits to eat his tea. I would have liked to talk to the bat’s but they were very busy looking for their tea and the man said I wouldn’t be able to hear them anyway, but I was just happy to see them, they are very sweet. I like bats. I wish some would come and live with us in our house, mommy wouldn’t mind she said so.

Keep Hopping

Bat info


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