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My first trip on a bus

My first trip on a bus

I have been on a very exciting adventure where I saw lots of very unusual things, and I went on a bus for the first time. I liked riding the bus because you could see lot’s of things when you sat on the top.
I went into the city which is called Birmingham. In Birmingham there are lots of big museums and on this trip I visited one called the Gas Hall to see an exhibition, (that’s what they call it when they have things on show) about someone called Matthew Boulton, he lived a very long time ago and was a very clever man. He made things and the exhibition had lots of the things he had made like coins and golden clocks and pretty sliver things. supersonic 001

Then I hopped a very long way to see an installation, (I think installation is just another word for exhibition) by Tatham Osullivan which was very strange, a big tunnel which was all coloured on the outside and all white on the inside and a dark room with some photos of the town being shown on a big screen. I didn’t understand what it all meant, I could have done with a leaflet or some information boards, (I like information boards). Then I hopped to the ikon to look at something called ‘When the scales fall from your eyes.’ I liked this, it was lots of glass bodies, not all of a body, just the bit from the waist to the neck, and they didn’t have any arms. Their heads were scales and they all sat on beds and cupboards looking at a big light on the wall. Everything was white, even the telephone, I read in the little book that the artist, (that’s the people who made it) were trying to make us think about how much we value muchness for muchness sake. I didn’t understand what that meant, but mommy told me it meant that some of the things we think are important are not that important because they are just things.
After that I hopped to Moor street station to see ‘There are no others, there is only us’ I really liked this. I lay on a big bean bag and watched a film of birds flying all together and listened to some lovely music, I almost went to sleep!

tick tock

tick tock

Then I had a very long hop to the last thing I wanted to see, and that was ‘The tower of time.’ Lot’s and lot’s of clocks. It was all in a very tall tower and I had to hop up lots of steps that went round and round just like in the old castles I visited. On the first floor was one little clock all on it’s own, then on the next floor there were 10 clocks, then on the next floor 100 clocks and on the last floor 1000 clocks all ticking away.

lots of clocks all going tick tock

lots of clocks all going tick tock

Then I had to hop all the way back down again.

You can see lots from the top of a bus

You can see lots from the top of a bus

I was very hot and tired by this time, so I got back on the bus and went home.

I didn’t understand some of the things I looked at, but I enjoyed it just the same, and big brother said it didn’t matter that I didn’t understand it, I had tried and that’s what counts.

I have put some links on here if you want to read more.

Gas hall info ikon info there is only us film tower of time info tower info

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