Bunty goes bird watching

kingsbury water park part two 069

I can see lots of ducks

I can see lots of ducks

It was a hop back to Kingsbury Water Park but this time I hopped to the bird hides. Bird hides are little huts that you can sit in, they have little windows which you can open and you sit and watch the birds. The birds can’t see you so they don’t get upset at being stared at and even the shy birds are happy. I sat for a long time looking at all the different birds and got quite excited when one bird spread out its wings and stood very still. A man told me it was a cormorant, it was very pretty.

I hopped a few more trails and ended up at a canal, I have never seen a canal before they look exciting with the boats going up and down. The weather wasn’t very nice so I didn’t stay long, but it was nice to see all the birds.

Keep Hopping


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