Bunty goes to Pooley Country Park

No ducks!

No ducks!

The weather was nice and sunny and after all the rain we have been having I thought I could do with a good hop. So I went to Pooley, first I hopped down by the canal but there weren’t any ducks to talk to, I did see a dragon fly but he was much too busy to stop and chat. After a very long hop I came to the old Alvecote priory, which was very broken down, in fact it was just a pile of stones and one pretty arch.

It must have been little

It must have been little

After I had hopped around the priory, I hopped over the road and down into the woody part of the park, I saw a couple of butterflies which I didn’t try to chat to, they are very silly and it’s very hard to try to get them to keep still.

I didn’t think the park was that pretty and there was no one to chat too, and it was getting very hot, so I hopped back home for a carrot.

Keep hopping

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