Bunty goes Blackberry picking

It is a very big field

It is a very big field

I have been on another adventure, this time I hopped to a place called Stourton and hopped into Kinver. First I had to hop through a very big corn field, but luckily it had been cut down otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to see where I was hopping as corn is very tall. As I hopped along I met a very strange little fellow, he was all brown and fluffy and was wriggling along amongst the bits of corn, I stopped to say ‘Good morning’ and we had a little chat. He told me he was a caterpillar and was looking for somewhere to go to sleep, he told me all about how he will wrap himself up in a cocoon and sleep for a few days, then when he wakes he will be a beautiful butterfly. I must say caterpillars make a lot more sense that butterflies. kinver 08.09 004At the end of the field I had to hop over a very big style and down some very big steps, at the bottom of these I came to a little path with lots of blackberry bushes and big pink flowers, I though it would be nice to pick some blackberries for mommy, so I set to work. This wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, the berries grow on trees which have big thorns on and they scratched me and kept hooking on my hat and pulling it off and I kept getting my paws and ears stuck on them. The bee’s working on the flowers thought it was very funny. Soon I had enough berries for a pie, so after saying good bye to the bees I carried on my hop down the narrow winding path, after a very long hop past lots of wild flowers and trees and squirrels playing, I came to a gate. I had to hop through this and on to the next part of my adventure

kinver 08.09 008Next I hopped along a path which went through the middle of some big fields, horses live in these fields but they didn’t want to chat, they were much too busy eating the grass, they looked very smart in their coats and hats, the hats were to stop the flies getting in their eyes and ears. At the end of this path I hopped into Kinver. Kinver is very old some of the building have wood on them and they stick out into the road, they look like they have big fat bellies. I hopped thought the village and up the big hill then down the other side to the canal and went under the pretty bridge

I hopped along the canal and watched the boats, which move very slowly and had to keep jumping out of the way of people on pushbikes. They don’t like to stop, I don’t think they see a lot of the pretty things on their way, they go much too fast. After a very long hop I was back to where I had started, so it was time to go home and help to make the pie.

Which was very yummy

Keep Hopping

Kinver info


2 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Rach said,

    mmmmmmmmmmmm berry pie, yummy. Did you have it with anything nice, like carrot ice cream or carrot custard?


  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    custard, yummy

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