Bunty does Artsfest

I have been on another adventure, this time I hopped back to Birmingham to some thing called Artsfest. Lot’s of people doing all sorts of things for free so you can see lot’s and lots if you want.
Now I know that mommy, daddy and big brother like to go to somewhere called the theatre to watch something call plays, I thought play was something you did, not watched. So I thought it would be nice to see some plays. My first two plays were at a place called The Old Joint Stock; this is a very old building that used to be a bank and now is something called a pub. That’s a place where grown ups go to drink something call alcohol, sometimes if they have too much of it they become very silly and fall over! I think I will only drink carrot juice. I hopped up all the stairs and sat on the front row to watch the play. The people who did the acting, (that’s what it’s called) called themselves Treefrog and the play was about a lady who wants to be a fairygod mother, it was very funny and the next play was about two people who thought they had seen a unicorn; the man was eating sweets and talking at the same time, that’s very rude.
I then hopped to see ‘Art on the Railings’ clever people who can paint nice pictures hang their work here and you can buy some if you want too. I saw some very funny photos of bunnies; the man called them ‘The Mischievous bunnies’
I then hopped to The Hall of Memory. It made me feel a little bit sad in here there were poppies and little crosses and big books with the names of people who had died in the wars. It was a very pretty building, with a pretty window made of coloured glass
I then hopped to the Library theatre to see the Library theatre company present ‘A Midsummer night’s dream’. They talked funny in this play, it was something called Shakespearean language, I found it a bit hard to understand but it was very funny, roller skating fairies that had lots of sparkles on their faces.

look my fish

look my fish

I then had a very long hop to A E Harris to see Stan’s café. This was called Giant Steps and this time I was in the play. There were lots of pictures of things from Jack and the Bean Stalk stuck on the floor and walls. I had to hop around the room and act out the story. I thought this was a lot of fun. I found some nursery rhymes too, and stuck my fish on the wall.
can you guess who I am ?

can you guess who I am ?

Then I hopped to the Rep to see Leanne Stoddart she talked about how she had missed her train and fell out with her friend, it was funny and sad at the same time. Still at the Rep so I didn’t have to hop, I was happy about this I was getting tired. I watch a little bit of Something and Nothing perform Patrick and Bernadine, it was only a little bit, they are doing the real one later in the year.
Then it was off to the Big Wok for tea.
After tea and a rest I hopped back to Centenary Square to end the evening an out door show called Classical Fantasia with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, Birmingham Opera Company and the CBSO. First of all there were ballet dancers and they did bits from The Nutcracker, the Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake, and the man said ‘but this year with a twist. This year it was ‘Strictly come Tchaikovsky.’ They danced and we had to vote them off. I really enjoyed this and clapped very load for all of the dancers, my little paws were quite sore. Then the CBSO played some music by people whose names I couldn’t say like Verdi, Britten, Prokoflev (this was Christmas music), and lot’s of others, (,mommy’s site has the full list) Two men sang, they had very big voices. And then we had fireworks, I thought these were very pretty, I couldn’t help going oooooh and laughing it was so exciting.

It was very late when the fireworks finished so I hopped on a bus and came home.

I really enjoyed my adventure; the best bits were Stan’s Café and the fireworks



photos on the side
Keep Hopping


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    […] and people seemed to be enjoying it a lot (the weather no doubt helped bring out the crowds). Even stuffed rabbits had a good time. Artsfest 2009, Sunday by The Development of Birmingham on […]

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    buntybunny said,

    My name is Bunty not stuffed rabbit, hehe, but I did enjoy the day

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    […] Bunty does Artsfest September 20092 comments 4 […]

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