Bunty goes back to Cannock Chase

here I am again

here I am again

I have been a hopping again. I hopped back to Cannock Chase to hop the memorial hop; this is 8 mile of ups and downs, my little legs ached so much!

I started my hop at the glacier bolder which is very old; it comes from the ice age which was a very long time ago. I hopped along some very long paths and saw some lovely flowers all purples and some of the leaves were going a lovely red colour. I also saw balloons, people fly up in the sky in these, I know mommy, daddy and big brother have done this and they said it was lovely. I think I would like to fly up in the air by balloon.

cannock glasier rock 20.9.09 014After a long hop I came to the first memorial for the polish, then another long hop took me to a place called the Common wealth graveyard and this is were the people who died in the hospital are buried, then a short hop took me to the graveyard for the German people. All these places made me very sad, I don’t like war it’s a nasty thing. I hopped some more and came to a little stream and waterfall, I was very hot so I sat on the wall and a big dog came running down the path and jumped into the water, he went right under and lay there drinking the pond water! He told me he had been running up and down the hills and that there was nothing better then a roll in the water when you were hot. He got out and started to shake the water off just as his people came over the hill, they shouted at him to stop as the water was going all over me, but he just laughed and jumped back in the water, I didn’t mind I thought it was funny.

I then hopped some more and found the grave of Freda, she was a dog and a mascot for the New Zealand rifles, this was nearly the end of my hop, Just a little further and I was back where I had stared and it was time for home.

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