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Bunty says Happy Halloween

PA280001I have been making something for Halloween. Mommy told me all about it and about carving pumpkins, I thought it would be nice to make one, but they are very big so mommy said I should try with something smaller. I looked in the fruit bowl and found a little orange. First I got a sharp knife and very carefully cut the top off; I had to be careful because I didn’t want to cut my paws. Then I used a spoon to scoop out the orange inside, mommy ate that. That was fun but the juice shot everywhere and made a bit of a mess, I had orange paws! Then I very carefully cut out the shapes, triangles for the eyes and nose and a zigzag for the mouth. Then I popped the top back on. It isn’t big enough to put a candle in, but mommy says next year if I want I can make a big one, do you like it?

Happy Halloween everyone







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Bunty goes to Scotland

scotland 09 099I have been on a very long hop this time to a place called Scotland. I did lot’s of hopping and saw lots of nice and interesting things and some very funny things too! One of these was a hill called Electric Brae which is a hill, that’s not a hill. You can roll balls up it and cars were rolling up hill, hehehe. It’s called an optical illusion. I saw Ailsa Craig which is out at sea and is made from volcanic rock. I also hopped to some seaside places and saw some castles, one was called Dundonal Castle and the other one was called Dundonald Castle.

scotland 09 032I had a long hop on a trail called The Battle of Independence at Glentrool. This hop took  me up big hills into a lovely forest and then into a clearing which had a lovely little stream running through it, then more climbing through forest and down a steep narrow track to the bank of Loch Trool, which is very big. Then I had to hop back up to the path to follow the track, it was very hard work! I hopped along the track to the point where Robert the Bruce defeated the English by trapping them on the ridge and throwing stones and boulders at them. That’s a bit naughty isn’t? After another long hop I came to Bruce’s stone, it was put there as a thank you to Robert for throwing the stones I think. Then it was a long hop through the woods before I was back at the beginning. I really needed a rest after that.

scotland 09 135 Another hop I did was the Devils Trail. This hop started nice and gentle through farmland and following the Waters of Gregg. Then up hill through woodland. I was very tired and my little legs couldn’t hop so I hopped in the back pack of a kind walker and had a lift. Then we came to a very steep very muddy, very slippery gully and we slid down it, it was quite scary I thought we were going to fall over! At the end of the trail is a view point at High Changue, legend has it that here is where the battle between the Laird of Changue and the devil took place. The Laird had made a pack with the devil for great wealth, and when it was time to pay the devil back the Laird laid his bible on the ground and drew a circle around himself with his sword. You are supposed to be able to see the marks in the grass, but I couldn’t.scotland 09 520

I also met a stag, but he was too busy to chat. He said he had to get his herd together and some very funny seagulls wanted to share my sandwiches. I gave them what I didn’t want.

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