Bunty says Happy Halloween

PA280001I have been making something for Halloween. Mommy told me all about it and about carving pumpkins, I thought it would be nice to make one, but they are very big so mommy said I should try with something smaller. I looked in the fruit bowl and found a little orange. First I got a sharp knife and very carefully cut the top off; I had to be careful because I didn’t want to cut my paws. Then I used a spoon to scoop out the orange inside, mommy ate that. That was fun but the juice shot everywhere and made a bit of a mess, I had orange paws! Then I very carefully cut out the shapes, triangles for the eyes and nose and a zigzag for the mouth. Then I popped the top back on. It isn’t big enough to put a candle in, but mommy says next year if I want I can make a big one, do you like it?

Happy Halloween everyone







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