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Bunty does the Forest of Dean


I have been camping in the forest of Dean, and it was very cold. I stayed in a part of the forest that is looked after by the forestry commission at a place called Christchurch. Everyone had to be very carefully to shut and lock the gates to the forest walks around the camp because of the wild boar. I didn’t see any but I did hear some snuffling around in the evening.

I had been told that from the top of Symonds Yat rock you could see for miles and miles and down to the river, so I did the long hop to the top, but when I got there I couldn’t see anything. I saw some little birds having a snack and asked them where the views were and they laughed and said I had picked the wrong day, what I could see was freezing fog! But it didn’t matter the hop though the forest was very pretty if a little slippy in places. Some of the leaves that had fallen to the ground were all covered in frost and looked like they should be on top of a cake, and the sun coming through the trees gave the forest an eeriness but it looked pretty at the same time.

It snowed quite a lot too, which made the trees look lovely. I had a little play in it but it made my gloves very wet and my paws very cold.

My photos are on the side bar.

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