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Bunty has a new friend

This is my new friend, she is name Kitten. She doesn’t live at our house, but she comes and sleeps on my people mommy and daddy’s bed, sometimes she sleeps on big brothers bed. But they don’t mind.

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Bunty Makes an Easter Tree

I love spray paint

Happy Easter everyone.

My people mommy told me about Easter and all the exciting things people do for it and all the old customs and I wanted to do something to. Mommy gave me some books to look at and I found a tree, I loved decorating the Christmas tree but this one I had to make myself! So I went into the garden and found lot’s of sticks and twigs, making sure they had little bit’s sticking off them. Then mommy told me to cover the table with paper because she didn’t really want a sliver table, I think a sliver table would look nice. But I did as she asked me and she shook the paint can really hard for me. I put all the twigs on the paper and sprayed them with the paint that was fun. It came out quite quickly at first and left paint all over the paper too, now I know why mommy said to put the paper down, mommy told me to be quick and sprinkle on some glitter so that it would stick to the wet paint. Then I had to wait for it to dry.

That was very hard, I wanted to paint some more!


When the twigs had dried I turned them over and painted and glittered the other side, then I had to wait again!

When they were all dry I put them into the jug mommy said I could use and spaced them all out. I then hung little coloured eggs from mommy’s bits and bobs box on the twigs.

Then mommy put it in the living room for everyone to see. Big brother said he thought it was lovely, I think it is too, do you?

My tree


I love my tree

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