Bunty goes to Lode

I have been on a hop to see my auntie in a place call Lode it’s somewhere in Cambridge. I made two new friends at aunties house, but I am a silly bunny and can’t remember their names! But here is a photo of us all together. Auntie lives in a village, it is very pretty, some of the houses don’t have roofs like our house, they have roofs made out of what looks like hay. Big brother told me these were called thatch roofs and nearly all the houses in little villages had roofs like this once. How nice. The village also has a very old church and a railway Station, but no one uses it anymore and it’s all boarded up, it wouldn’t be any use anyway because there isn’t a railway track anymore and trains need a track to roll on. We had some dinner (pasta), not a carrot in sight, auntie says she doesn’t buy carrots or salad, how can you not have salad, salad is yummy.

Then we went for a short hop, through the village and saw the church and on to the old water mill, then we hopped along the river a little way and cut across some fields. I saw some very pretty butterflies, but as usual they were too busy fluttering around showing off to stop and chat, butterflies are the same all over. Auntie’s daughter was being very silly, she had a long sticky thing and was poking it in her mommy’s back and she hit her with it, my people mommy told me after that she was only playing and didn’t hurt anyone. I was pleased about that. On our way back to auntie’s house we stopped to have a look at the old station without the track, it was a bit sad to see it all alone.

Back at aunties house we had some fruit and ice-cream and a cup of tea, everyone had a little chat and soon it was time to head home.

I had a lovely day at my aunties, but I was very tired and went to sleep in the car.

Lode info

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