Bunty goes to Waseley Hills

Hello again,
I have been on another hop this time to a place called Waseley Hills. I got quite excited when I started my hop because the trail I followed was called the rabbit trail, but I didn’t see any rabbits. Waseley is a very big hill I think it is 1000 feet from the bottom to the top, that’s a very big hop! It’s not just a big hill you can do the trail I did and that is lot’s of fun, I hopped though woody bits and by a little pond, down very steep steps and very steep hills and then up again, it made my little legs ache so much.

I met a dog called Ben, his people were shouting and shouting him and Ben kept calling back ‘I am looking for my ball, I don’t want to leave my ball’ His people were getting very angry, but when Ben popped out of the bushes with his ball, his people laughed and said ‘Oh you were looking for your ball’ Ben looked at me and rolled his eye’s which made me laugh.

My little legs were very tired now So I hopped down the hill and went home for a nice rest.

waseley hills info

Keep hopping


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