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Bunty goes to Arrow Valley


I have been on another adventure, this time to a place called Arrow Valley. I did two and a bit of the hopping trails. The first one was the Millers trail which was two miles, I didn’t have a map and signs weren’t very clear so I got a bit lost but that was OK because I found a lovely meadow full of buttercups that I wouldn’t have seen. I soon found my way back onto the trail and hopped my way round. Then I hopped the woodland trail two and a half miles which wasn’t very woodlandy but I did meet a Dragonfly. He was with his friends, they had beautiful bright red and green and blue bodies and lovely orange wings. We chatted for a while I told him about my adventures and all the interesting animals I had met and he was quite pleased to be the first Dragonfly I had met. He told me all about how he loved to fly low over the water and play in the reeds, just then a butterfly flew past and he tuted and said ‘Butterflies are silly creatures’ I had to agree with him. I carried on my hop back to the pool and hopped a little way around it, I watched the mommy and daddy geese teaching their babies to swim and a mommy duck trying to get all her babies together. Two of the babies were being very silly and swimming the other way and the mommy duck was quacking very loud at them, it made me laugh, I stopped to eat my carrot and have a rest, it was very hot and the floor was making my paws ache so I thought it was time to come home.

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Bunty goes to the seaside


I have been on a very exciting hop, I went to a place called Mablethorpe it’s by the sea and has lovely soft sand that is lovely to lie on, and people do a thing call sunbathing on it. I had a go and quite liked it; it made me feel all warm and sleepy. I can see why people like to sunbath.

I made three new friends called quack, flap and honk, they came every morning for breakfast. I gave them bread while I ate my carrot.

My first day I went for a look at Rimac nature reserve. It was very pretty it had a big pool with geese on, they didn’t want to chat they were teaching their babies how to swim. I hopped around and found a board which told me all about the birds that live there, I could spot the sounds of some of them but I couldn’t see any of them, they are very good at hiding. I saw a dog running below me so I hopped down to ask him what he was playing and he said he was having his last run because he had to be on his lead in the reserve. He told me I could hop to a place called Paradise along the salt flats or the sand dunes if I wanted. I didn’t know what he meant, and he explained that salt flats are the areas of land left when the sea goes out and they are very important because lot’s of birds like to live there, and dune are big hills of sand, well I just had to go and have a look. It was a very long hop there and back; I was really ready for my carrot and a nice long nap.

My second day there I got on a bus all the way to Chapel St. Leonard, it took a very long time to get there but I enjoyed the ride as the bus took me through lot’s of pretty villages. When I got off the bus I had a little hop through the shops they were full of things like brightly coloured buckets and spades and big balls. There were also some very strange things that looked like big donuts, I asked a dog sat by the shop what they were and he told me that little children put them around there tummies to stop them from sinking in the water. What a clever idea, I think I might have one next time; I don’t really know if I can swim, I have never tried. Then I started my long hop back to Mablethorpe, it was very hard work hopping on sand, it kept moving under my paws and the wind was very strong and every hop I took it pushed me back. I did ask it to blow on me from behind but I don’t think it was listening. It had also pushed the sand onto the paths so no one could walk on them and it had buried the steps under sand too. I think Mr. Wind is very naughty sometimes. After a very long time I was back at Mablethorpe, it was very hard hopping but I did enjoy it, I saw lots of beach huts and people flying kites that looked like fun. I think I would like to fly a kite.

My third day there I went to see the seals in the seal sanctuary. It’s a bit like a hospital, poorly seals are taken there to be made better and then they can go home. Sometimes they are too poorly to go back home so they stay there. Its not just seals either there are a lot of birds with only one wing who live there, they have been in accidents and have had to have their wings taken off. But the nice people let them stay there because they wouldn’t be able to feed themselves if they went home, they also let other animals stay too. I liked the seals; one was being very grumpy, his friend wanted to play but he kept moving into the other pool and making a very big noise. It made me laugh. Then I went for a ride on the sand train, it went very fast and it was very windy, and I thought it was very funny when the man drove it through the sea, I thought we were all going to get wet!

I did have something I have never tried before and that was ice-cream. Mommy says it’s very important to try new things, because how else are you going to find out if you like something or not. I did like ice-cream.

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