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Bunty goes to Blackstone

I have been on another hop, this time I started at a place called Blackstone. First I hopped along a big lawn and then I had to cross a road. I remembered what big brother had told me about roads and how I had to look both ways twice and listen very hard and only cross when I was sure there was nothing coming, and I had to hop quickly but not a running hop in case I fell over and the cars couldn’t see me. So that’s what I did. I then hopped up a little lane and saw some people in a field; they were waving a long stick around. I stood and watched them for a little while trying to decide what they were doing, then a little robin told me they were hunting for treasure. The long sticks made a beeping noise when they found something and then the people get all excited and start digging. She said it was very funny to see them, but their sticks weren’t making any beeping noises so I carried on my hop.
I hopped down a dirt track and decided to sit on some straw to talk to the horses, and this is where I ripped my new dress, oh dear, I was climbing up and got my paw stuck in the skirt. The horse looked at it and said it didn’t look to bad and then told me that a lot of the horses that used to live in the fields with her didn’t anymore and she missed a chat, so I stayed and chatted to her for a while. She told me all about when her people mommy comes and takes her out for a run and I told her all about my adventures.

I hopped some more until I came to a place called Bewdley, I saw a big gate with a pretty garden behind it and people were going in and out, so I hopped in and it was a park. There was a big pool with lots of fish in it. They were trying to catch the flies but they kept swimming into each other and banging their heads together. I was just about to go when Mr. Duck waddled by, rolling his eyes and said to me ‘they will be complaining later that their heads hurt them’ he waddled off saying something under his breath I couldn’t hear. One part of the park is called an orchard, children have planted lots of apple trees there and there are some sculptures too, after I had looked at them I went to the museum.

The museum is an outside museum; there are pretty old gardens and old machinery. I saw how a foundry works and then did a brass rubbing, which was a bit difficult because the paper kept moving, but I did it in the end and I got to keep it. I went and sat in a cell, that’s a place naughty people were put and I sat on the bed, it was horrible, it was a very hard piece of wood and they didn’t have a big fluff quilt to snuggle in. I saw a waterwheel which was making a lovely splashing sound and I sat in an old boat. I was very hot by now so I went to the café and had a cup of tea, because they didn’t have any carrot juice.

After that I started on the hop back, this time along the river, but I couldn’t see much of the river because the trees had grown up very tall.

When I got home I showed big brother my rubbing and he said I was very clever, and when I told him I had ripped my dress he said on it’s first day, mommy just tutted and said she would sew it. Then I snuggled under my quilt and decided I was a very lucky bunny to have a quilt

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Bunty goes to Sandwell Park Farm

I have had another adventure, this time I went to a farm. It wasn’t a big farm where lot’s of animals live but I did see some animals. I met another bunny, she lived in a hutch I told her all about my adventures and she told me she had never been on an adventure and in fact never really came out of her run. I thought that was a bit sad, but she told me that she didn’t want to leave her nice warm hutch, I think she was being just a little lazy. I also saw some pigs, but they didn’t want to chat, they were all asleep. The baby cows wanted to chat and I had a very long chat to one who told me all about being a cow, when she grows up she will have babies and then she will be able to give milk which she will share with the farmer. I told her I thought that was very kind, it’s nice to share. She asked if I had been to the garden and when I said no she said I should go there next so that’s what I did.

The garden didn’t have flowers, it was called a kitchen garden and had lots vegetables and fruit growing in it just like mommy’s garden, but it was much bigger than mommy’s garden. I hopped around and looked at all of the vegetables but I couldn’t find any carrots. I was very warm and tired so I came home and told mommy all about it and the fact there weren’t any carrots and she said next year I should grow my own.

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