Bunty goes to Sandwell Park Farm

I have had another adventure, this time I went to a farm. It wasn’t a big farm where lot’s of animals live but I did see some animals. I met another bunny, she lived in a hutch I told her all about my adventures and she told me she had never been on an adventure and in fact never really came out of her run. I thought that was a bit sad, but she told me that she didn’t want to leave her nice warm hutch, I think she was being just a little lazy. I also saw some pigs, but they didn’t want to chat, they were all asleep. The baby cows wanted to chat and I had a very long chat to one who told me all about being a cow, when she grows up she will have babies and then she will be able to give milk which she will share with the farmer. I told her I thought that was very kind, it’s nice to share. She asked if I had been to the garden and when I said no she said I should go there next so that’s what I did.

The garden didn’t have flowers, it was called a kitchen garden and had lots vegetables and fruit growing in it just like mommy’s garden, but it was much bigger than mommy’s garden. I hopped around and looked at all of the vegetables but I couldn’t find any carrots. I was very warm and tired so I came home and told mommy all about it and the fact there weren’t any carrots and she said next year I should grow my own.

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  1. 1

    Russ L said,

    I can sympathise with sleepy pigs having an afternoon nap.

  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    It was very warm Russ, and I think they had just had their dinner too, sometimes that makes me sleepy too.

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