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Bunty goes to the Peaks

I have been on another adventure this time to a place called the Peak District. I stayed in the caravan at a place called Hope. Hope is a village. I did a very exciting thing I had never done before, I went down some caves. The first cave was called Speedwell and you have to climb down lots and lots of steps, which are very wet and slippery, then you get in a boat. The boat is driven by a man who tells you all about the caves and he is called a guide. The boat goes through tunnels underground and it’s very cold and wet and dark and small. The boat was touching both walls at the same time and some of the big people had to keep ducking down so they didn’t bang their heads. I was a little bit scared, but the guide does this everyday and he seemed Ok, so I think it must have me being silly. The boat stopped and we all climbed out to look at the bottomless pit, it’s not really bottomless, just very deep. They sent a man down to find the bottom, so that’s how they know. Then we all had to climb back in the boat for the trip back, and the big climb up all the steps. When I got to the top my legs felt all funny, so I had to have a little sit down.

Then I went to another cave, this one was called Peak Cavern, it has a naughty name too it’s called the Devils Arse. Sometimes the cave floods and when the water goes away it makes a whilpool and when the whirlpool goes underground it makes a sound like someone breaking wind. I am glad it hadn’t flooded the day I went; I don’t think I would have liked that. It was a very big cave and a long time ago people lived in it and made rope, and the guide told us that a very long time a go outlaws used to live in there. He showed us a little boat that people used to lie in to be pulled through a little hole to get from one cave to another, you don’t have to do that now, but you do have to bend over to hop through a part of it.
I was very tried from all the climbing so I went back to the caravan and had a nap.

I went on a hop around Eyam, a very long time ago the plague came to Eyam. The Plague was a very nasty disease which killed people, but don’t worry we don’t get it now. It came from London on some cloth and two very clever people William Mompesson and Thomas Stanley told everyone that they mustn’t leave the village and no one new must visit otherwise the nasty disease would spread. They had special places outside the village where people could leave food and other stuff for them to collect. One of these places is called Mompesson well. So after a hop around the village I thought I would go and look for the well, First I had to hop through some woodland which was very muddy and slippery because of all the rain then I hoped onto a big road and found the well. It’s not really a well, it’s an outlet for the river and some people had thrown money in it. I am not sure why. Then I hopped up the road and onto the moors, it was very windy and big, I wanted to find Rock Basin which is another place things were left. Rock Basin is a big rock on the top of a big hill on the moors and in the top of the rock is a hole and that’s were the stuff was left. After I had had a look around there I hopped back to the village, down lots of steep, muddy paths and through woods until I came to a field with alpacas in. I had never met an alpaca before so I stopped for a chat. They told me they liked living in the field because they were fed well and looked after and all they had to do all day was play. After a while I was back in the village and so it was time to go back to the caravan for carrot soup.

I thought it would be fun to hop up Mam Tor which is a very big hill, but I didn’t want to start at the bottom of the hill, I wanted a big hop so I started my hop in Castleton. First I hopped through fields and up a very muddy path to the old A625 road. In 1977 some of the hillside fell down onto this road and broke it, the road is all bent and broken so can’t be used anymore. Then I had to hop up the side of a hill but all the paths had been washed away and there were lots of very deep puddles, it was very hard work, when I got to the top I was at the foot of Mam Tor and I could start to hop up some more, this was easier because it is all path to the top. The higher I hopped the windier it got, I though I was going to be blown away. Going down the other side was harder as it was all steps and they were very big steps, once at the bottom I went to look for Windy Knoll, a very long time ago people found bones of rhinos, bears and wolves here, I didn’t see any. Then I hopped down Winnats Pass and home for my carrot,

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Bunty goes to Artsfest and to see some animals


I have been on another adventure. It was Artsfest again. I got the train to Birmingham, I like the train, I would have liked the trains big brother told me about more. He told me when he was little and mommy took him into town on the train the wheels would make a dud-du-der-dud-du-der sound that you could make sound like words, like ‘we’re going to town, we’re going to town. That sounds like so much fun. When I got into town I went first to The Old Joint Stock to see a play by Treefrog, it was a bit scary and the lady shot the man in the end, but I know it wasn’t real and the man got up at the end and bowed, so everyone gave him a big clap. When that was over I decided it would be nice to go to a place called the nature reserve, mommy told me animals lived there. So I hopped along there and saw lots of animals. I had a chat with the deer, who were just having lunch and they told me they were enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. I also met some bunnies; they were very, very big and they said they wished they had a scarf like mine for the wintertime. I had a chat with the red pandas and one of them told me about how he had, had an adventure a few years ago. He went out of his cage for a walk but forgot to tell his people he was going out, they got all upset and set lot’s of people out to look for him and even went on the TV to ask people if anyone had seen him. He told me that they weren’t very happy with him when they did find him, but he didn’t care because he had had a big adventure and enjoyed telling all the other animals about it. I also saw lots of sheep and goats, goats are so funny, they are always climbing on things.

I went back into town to watch the ballet dancers, I like the way they move, I would like to dance like that, but I think my legs are too short! After that I went to see some short films, I didn’t understand some of them and some of them made me feel quite sad. Then it was time for my favourite classical fantasia, lots of big music played by the Birmingham orchestra and lots of fire works.

I had a nice day with the animals, but I think Artsfest was better last year.

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Bunty goes to Stourport

I have been on a very long hop today. It was called the Stourport circular walk and is 6 ½ miles long, but I had to hop further, because I missed a sign post so had to hop all the way back again. I started my hop at Blackstone picnic area and hopped over the road along a path until I came to the railway bridge. It’s very old and trains don’t use it any more, but it is very big and made of stone, some of the stones have fallen out and peoples have put bricks in the holes. After hopping a little further I came to Burlish Nature reserve which was very pretty, and this is where I got lost. I couldn’t see a sign post so I hopped over the road into another part of the woods and after a little while I just knew I couldn’t be in the right place so I hopped back to the road and then I saw the post. A silly car had parked in front of the sign, so I hopped along up the right path, I left the trail for a little while I thought it would be fun to look for the hospitals left over from the war, but there are only concrete slabs left now. I got my map out and found my way back to the trail and hopped along a golf course. You have to be very grown up on a golf course and be very careful, you have to make sure you stay right on the edge of the course because big people hit very hard ball very hard with big sticks and if they shout 4 you have to duck down ever so quickly. Daddy told me that. On the other side of the path there were lots of people running after balls and kicking them into big nets, they were making such a noise, a big dog was sat watching them and I asked him if he was going to play too. He laughed and said he didn’t think the people would like it if he did, he said they were playing a game called football and they took it very seriously. After another long hop I came to the canal and it started to rain, I only had my summer dress on so I hid for a while under a bridge, but the rain didn’t slow down, so I decided to carry on, as I hopped along the canal I saw lots of ducks swimming up and down they don’t mind the rain at all. Then I met a family of swans, ooh they looked so lovely I just had to stop to watch them. When they saw me they came over and we had a chat about the weather and why I hadn’t got my hat. I told them the lady on the weather forecast had said it was only going to be cloudy and they told me they listen to the wind for the weather. How strange I don’t know if I believe that. I said goodbye as I still had a long way to hop and carried on. After a while I came into Stourport and they had a carnival on. I have never seen a carnival so I had a hop around, it had lots of big things that people sat on and then it spun them round and round, they were all screaming but laughing too, so I suppose they must have like it. I don’t think I would want a go. Then I hopped along the river past lots a caravans and fields with cows in. Some of the trees have started to get their winter colours and they looked very pretty.

It was a very long hop today, and I was very tired and wet when I got home, but mommy had me a lovely bowl of carrot soup waiting, and now I am dry I am going for a nap.

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