Bunty goes to Stourport

I have been on a very long hop today. It was called the Stourport circular walk and is 6 ½ miles long, but I had to hop further, because I missed a sign post so had to hop all the way back again. I started my hop at Blackstone picnic area and hopped over the road along a path until I came to the railway bridge. It’s very old and trains don’t use it any more, but it is very big and made of stone, some of the stones have fallen out and peoples have put bricks in the holes. After hopping a little further I came to Burlish Nature reserve which was very pretty, and this is where I got lost. I couldn’t see a sign post so I hopped over the road into another part of the woods and after a little while I just knew I couldn’t be in the right place so I hopped back to the road and then I saw the post. A silly car had parked in front of the sign, so I hopped along up the right path, I left the trail for a little while I thought it would be fun to look for the hospitals left over from the war, but there are only concrete slabs left now. I got my map out and found my way back to the trail and hopped along a golf course. You have to be very grown up on a golf course and be very careful, you have to make sure you stay right on the edge of the course because big people hit very hard ball very hard with big sticks and if they shout 4 you have to duck down ever so quickly. Daddy told me that. On the other side of the path there were lots of people running after balls and kicking them into big nets, they were making such a noise, a big dog was sat watching them and I asked him if he was going to play too. He laughed and said he didn’t think the people would like it if he did, he said they were playing a game called football and they took it very seriously. After another long hop I came to the canal and it started to rain, I only had my summer dress on so I hid for a while under a bridge, but the rain didn’t slow down, so I decided to carry on, as I hopped along the canal I saw lots of ducks swimming up and down they don’t mind the rain at all. Then I met a family of swans, ooh they looked so lovely I just had to stop to watch them. When they saw me they came over and we had a chat about the weather and why I hadn’t got my hat. I told them the lady on the weather forecast had said it was only going to be cloudy and they told me they listen to the wind for the weather. How strange I don’t know if I believe that. I said goodbye as I still had a long way to hop and carried on. After a while I came into Stourport and they had a carnival on. I have never seen a carnival so I had a hop around, it had lots of big things that people sat on and then it spun them round and round, they were all screaming but laughing too, so I suppose they must have like it. I don’t think I would want a go. Then I hopped along the river past lots a caravans and fields with cows in. Some of the trees have started to get their winter colours and they looked very pretty.

It was a very long hop today, and I was very tired and wet when I got home, but mommy had me a lovely bowl of carrot soup waiting, and now I am dry I am going for a nap.

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Stourport info

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  1. 1

    Tav said,


    Can I have permission to copy and publish the photo of Bunty in Stourport on my weblog, The Wyre Forest Agenda? (http://www.wfa.org.uk/)


  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    Hello Tav

    Yes you can, will it make me a Famous bunny? I shall have to go and buy some dark glasses.

  3. 3

    […] The busiest day of the year was September 19th with 37 views. The most popular post that day was Bunty goes to Stourport. […]

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