Bunty goes to Artsfest and to see some animals


I have been on another adventure. It was Artsfest again. I got the train to Birmingham, I like the train, I would have liked the trains big brother told me about more. He told me when he was little and mommy took him into town on the train the wheels would make a dud-du-der-dud-du-der sound that you could make sound like words, like ‘we’re going to town, we’re going to town. That sounds like so much fun. When I got into town I went first to The Old Joint Stock to see a play by Treefrog, it was a bit scary and the lady shot the man in the end, but I know it wasn’t real and the man got up at the end and bowed, so everyone gave him a big clap. When that was over I decided it would be nice to go to a place called the nature reserve, mommy told me animals lived there. So I hopped along there and saw lots of animals. I had a chat with the deer, who were just having lunch and they told me they were enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. I also met some bunnies; they were very, very big and they said they wished they had a scarf like mine for the wintertime. I had a chat with the red pandas and one of them told me about how he had, had an adventure a few years ago. He went out of his cage for a walk but forgot to tell his people he was going out, they got all upset and set lot’s of people out to look for him and even went on the TV to ask people if anyone had seen him. He told me that they weren’t very happy with him when they did find him, but he didn’t care because he had had a big adventure and enjoyed telling all the other animals about it. I also saw lots of sheep and goats, goats are so funny, they are always climbing on things.

I went back into town to watch the ballet dancers, I like the way they move, I would like to dance like that, but I think my legs are too short! After that I went to see some short films, I didn’t understand some of them and some of them made me feel quite sad. Then it was time for my favourite classical fantasia, lots of big music played by the Birmingham orchestra and lots of fire works.

I had a nice day with the animals, but I think Artsfest was better last year.

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