Bunty goes to the Peaks

I have been on another adventure this time to a place called the Peak District. I stayed in the caravan at a place called Hope. Hope is a village. I did a very exciting thing I had never done before, I went down some caves. The first cave was called Speedwell and you have to climb down lots and lots of steps, which are very wet and slippery, then you get in a boat. The boat is driven by a man who tells you all about the caves and he is called a guide. The boat goes through tunnels underground and it’s very cold and wet and dark and small. The boat was touching both walls at the same time and some of the big people had to keep ducking down so they didn’t bang their heads. I was a little bit scared, but the guide does this everyday and he seemed Ok, so I think it must have me being silly. The boat stopped and we all climbed out to look at the bottomless pit, it’s not really bottomless, just very deep. They sent a man down to find the bottom, so that’s how they know. Then we all had to climb back in the boat for the trip back, and the big climb up all the steps. When I got to the top my legs felt all funny, so I had to have a little sit down.

Then I went to another cave, this one was called Peak Cavern, it has a naughty name too it’s called the Devils Arse. Sometimes the cave floods and when the water goes away it makes a whilpool and when the whirlpool goes underground it makes a sound like someone breaking wind. I am glad it hadn’t flooded the day I went; I don’t think I would have liked that. It was a very big cave and a long time ago people lived in it and made rope, and the guide told us that a very long time a go outlaws used to live in there. He showed us a little boat that people used to lie in to be pulled through a little hole to get from one cave to another, you don’t have to do that now, but you do have to bend over to hop through a part of it.
I was very tried from all the climbing so I went back to the caravan and had a nap.

I went on a hop around Eyam, a very long time ago the plague came to Eyam. The Plague was a very nasty disease which killed people, but don’t worry we don’t get it now. It came from London on some cloth and two very clever people William Mompesson and Thomas Stanley told everyone that they mustn’t leave the village and no one new must visit otherwise the nasty disease would spread. They had special places outside the village where people could leave food and other stuff for them to collect. One of these places is called Mompesson well. So after a hop around the village I thought I would go and look for the well, First I had to hop through some woodland which was very muddy and slippery because of all the rain then I hoped onto a big road and found the well. It’s not really a well, it’s an outlet for the river and some people had thrown money in it. I am not sure why. Then I hopped up the road and onto the moors, it was very windy and big, I wanted to find Rock Basin which is another place things were left. Rock Basin is a big rock on the top of a big hill on the moors and in the top of the rock is a hole and that’s were the stuff was left. After I had had a look around there I hopped back to the village, down lots of steep, muddy paths and through woods until I came to a field with alpacas in. I had never met an alpaca before so I stopped for a chat. They told me they liked living in the field because they were fed well and looked after and all they had to do all day was play. After a while I was back in the village and so it was time to go back to the caravan for carrot soup.

I thought it would be fun to hop up Mam Tor which is a very big hill, but I didn’t want to start at the bottom of the hill, I wanted a big hop so I started my hop in Castleton. First I hopped through fields and up a very muddy path to the old A625 road. In 1977 some of the hillside fell down onto this road and broke it, the road is all bent and broken so can’t be used anymore. Then I had to hop up the side of a hill but all the paths had been washed away and there were lots of very deep puddles, it was very hard work, when I got to the top I was at the foot of Mam Tor and I could start to hop up some more, this was easier because it is all path to the top. The higher I hopped the windier it got, I though I was going to be blown away. Going down the other side was harder as it was all steps and they were very big steps, once at the bottom I went to look for Windy Knoll, a very long time ago people found bones of rhinos, bears and wolves here, I didn’t see any. Then I hopped down Winnats Pass and home for my carrot,

You can read some more here

Or look at my photos here

Keep Hopping


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  1. 1

    Four Dinners said,

    I is very impressed that Bunty Bunny gets to go to so many places! I gets to go in my garden – and a few other gardens – and hunt mices. Are there mices where you went?

    The man Two Legs say he has been there and likes it. He says it is wild and untamed and he likes wild and untamed.

    I is wild and untamed so he likes me!!!

    Be careful out the Bunty

    Love n hugs

    (The Magnificent and only) Maximus Spittimus

  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    Hello Maximus,
    It is very pretty in the peaks, I didn’t see any mice but I think there must be some there as there are lots of places they could live. I have been on another adventure and will write about it soon, this one was very hard work!

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