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Bunty goes cone hunting


I have been on a pinecone hunt. My people mommy said she needed some pinecones to make some pretty decorations for Christmas, but she didn’t know when she would find the time to go looking for them. I asked what a pinecone was and mommy told me they were where pine trees kept their seeds, and she showed me a picture. The cones fall from the trees and the seeds fall out and baby trees grow from them, isn’t that wonderful? Sometimes little animals and birds eat the cones for their lunch. Some people hang the cones outside because they can tell the weather, if they are open it’s going to be a nice day and if they are closed it’s going to rain. I think that is very funny.

I told my people mommy I was going for a walk, because you should always tell someone when you are going out and went to Hartlebury common. After a long hop I saw some trees that looked like pine trees and there on the floor were lots of cones, so I collect some up, a big dog came and asked me what I was doing and when I told him he asked me why. I had to tell him I didn’t really know, just that my people mommy wanted them, he told me that his people mommy was like that too, always stopping to collect things and spoiling his walk, then when she got them all home she would use smelly glue to make the things into other things. Then he asked if I needed any more cones as there were still lots on the ground. I remembered about what my people mommy said about leaving some for the little animals so I told him about how we should leave some for the little animals and nature, so nature can do her stuff, what ever that means, I will ask my people mommy what that means.

When I got home my people mommy was so pleased with the bag of pinecones and that I had left some for the little animals, now we are waiting for them to dry.

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Bunty goes to Looe


I have been on another adventure, this time to a place called Looe. It was a very long way away in a place called Cornwall; it took me 4 hours to get there. I stayed in the caravan on a farm that looked after horses. Every morning when I woke up two of the very big cart horses would be looking at me through my window. It was very funny, they told me they were show horses not work horses, that means they don’t pull things in fields, but are taken to places where they pull shiny carts and wear shiny brass badges and people all look at them and tell them how beautiful they are. There was also a sheep dog on the farm called Sky, he told me he was old, but he didn’t keep still long enough to talk to, he was always running this way and that, and rounding up the horses when they didn’t come when they were called. My caravan was on the top of a cliff and looked out over the sea, and at night it was very very dark so you could see all the stars.

The weather was very hot; I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot in October, so I didn’t need my hat, scarf or gloves even on the boat. I went on a boat, on the sea because I had never been on a boat before, and mommy and big brother have told me I should try new things and if I don’t like it I don’t have to do it again. (Mommy, daddy and big brother have done all sorts of exciting things, like going on aeroplanes and in hot air balloons and sand surfing, and lots of other stuff). I was a little bit scared at first when the boat went up and down in the big waves, but after a while I got used to it, even when the spray got me. We sailed around the island called St. Georges which everyone calls Looe island and looked for seals, but there weren’t any playing, but we did see lots of birds. I like boats.

Then I did the heritage trail around Looe. A heritage trail is a hop around a village or town and you have a map which tells you which way to go and what to look at and something about what you are looking at, it’s great fun. I saw lots of old buildings, but my favourite was St. Nicholas church because it had lovely windows made of pretty coloured glass, daddy told me this is called stained glass, I think it looks wonderful.

I went for a hop down Banjo Pier, sometimes the pier is closed because it is too windy and people get blown off it into the sea, the sea was splashing over the pier as I hopped up it and made my paws wet, but I didn’t care, it was fun. I watched some fishermen pulling and sorting out the nets on their boats when all of a sudden there was such a noise. Then a big flock of sea gulls flew over all calling and getting very excited, so I hopped down to the dock to see what all the fuss was about. On the side of the dock is a fish market where the fishermen sell their fish. The people in the market take the skin and other things off the fish and at the end of the day they throw it all into the water at the dock and its tea time for the gulls. I found a gull with a very big piece of fish skin and he told me it was his favourite time of the day and he did enjoy a bit of fish skin. He told me his name was Gil and his friend was called Glo and if I hopped up the dock a little further and called her she would show me her favourite food, so I did. Glo likes crab and she showed me how first of all she pulls the legs off then cracks the shell, she was very good at it and it didn’t take her long at all.

I did a very long hop on another day from a place called Polperro, I had to get the bus there so that I could hop back, I know how to use a bus, I have been on them before. I didn’t have a map and got a bit confused at first as the first part of the coastal path was closed, as it was falling into the sea, I am glad I wasn’t on it when it did that. People are trying to fix it so that it can be opened up again. I found the detour, (that means other way to go), which was up a very big steep hill behind some houses, it went on for ever and ever getting steeper and steeper, my poor little legs hurt so much by the time I had got to the top. Then I hopped through a field full of sheep, they were all too busy eating there breakfast to want to talk so I carried on my hop across the field and down a slope back onto the coastal path. It was very hilly with lots of hopping up hill and sliding down hills, I saw lots of birds and some seals playing in the sea, but they were too far away to talk to. After a very long time I had hopped up and down first roads then costal paths, then along the beach, then up a big grass hill, more coastal path, more field and then I was back in Looe. I wasn’t very tired so I went for a play on the sand and climbed some rocks, and then it was time to go back to the caravan for a rest and lots of carrots.

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