Bunty goes cone hunting


I have been on a pinecone hunt. My people mommy said she needed some pinecones to make some pretty decorations for Christmas, but she didn’t know when she would find the time to go looking for them. I asked what a pinecone was and mommy told me they were where pine trees kept their seeds, and she showed me a picture. The cones fall from the trees and the seeds fall out and baby trees grow from them, isn’t that wonderful? Sometimes little animals and birds eat the cones for their lunch. Some people hang the cones outside because they can tell the weather, if they are open it’s going to be a nice day and if they are closed it’s going to rain. I think that is very funny.

I told my people mommy I was going for a walk, because you should always tell someone when you are going out and went to Hartlebury common. After a long hop I saw some trees that looked like pine trees and there on the floor were lots of cones, so I collect some up, a big dog came and asked me what I was doing and when I told him he asked me why. I had to tell him I didn’t really know, just that my people mommy wanted them, he told me that his people mommy was like that too, always stopping to collect things and spoiling his walk, then when she got them all home she would use smelly glue to make the things into other things. Then he asked if I needed any more cones as there were still lots on the ground. I remembered about what my people mommy said about leaving some for the little animals so I told him about how we should leave some for the little animals and nature, so nature can do her stuff, what ever that means, I will ask my people mommy what that means.

When I got home my people mommy was so pleased with the bag of pinecones and that I had left some for the little animals, now we are waiting for them to dry.

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  1. 1

    Four Dinners said,

    Maximus Spittimus requests that I advise you that he loves pine cones too. They are very good to knock around with your paws and Maximus firmly believes they are trying to escape his attentions so he runs after them until he requires his afternoon snooze.

    Best Spittimus Regards

    Four Dinners
    Aide de Camp

  2. 2

    buntybunny said,

    Oh Maximus you do make me laugh

  3. 3

    Four Dinners said,

    Maximus requests that you join his Centurions as a ‘Special Bunny Advisor’….pop along to http://maximusspittimus.blogspot.com and all will be revealed….Bunty is needed to keep the Wabbit Centurions in order!!!

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