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Bunty puts up a Christmas tree

Today my people mommy said it was time to start to decorate the house, and she said I could decorate the tree for the kitchen if I want to. The kitchen tree is made of plastic so we can use it every year and it has all purple decorations. We have a very big tree in the living room, but that’s not put up yet because it is a real one that my people mommy and daddy have to fetch  from the Christmas tree farm. There are lots of pretty things to hang on the kitchen tree, round glittery globes, long dangly ones, ones with feather, which I put on my ears and my people mommy thought it was very funny. There is a ballet dancing fairy and a fairy for the top and lot’s of glittery ribbon. I got into a bit of a mess as I unpacked the box, I got the lights all tangled around me and the glittery dangly stuff all over me, my people mommy said I looked like the Christmas tree.

You can see my photo’s here, have you put up your decorations yet?

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