Bunty goes to Lynton


I have been on another adventure. This time I went to a place called Lynton. I did a very long hop up lots of hills. My hop started down a long lane called Six Acre Lane, I hopped past fields and farms and met Gill and Garry, as I hopped past I said good morning and they stopped and gave me a funny look, then both said together are you a rabbit, you look like a rabbit, but we have never seen a white rabbit before. I was a little shocked and told them that yes I was a rabbit and I had never seen such big white ducks before. They thought this was very funny and started to laugh so loud other big white duck came over to see what all the fussy was about. When they had stopped laughing they told me they were geese. They asked where I was off to and then said I had a very long way to go, so I said bye-bye and headed off. I hopped up the side of a big hill where some goats were having their breakfast and met a baby goat called Billy. He was standing on a rock, he told me it was his rock and I couldn’t stand on it because he was the king of the castle, just then his mommy shouted over to play nicely and share. I told him it was OK I didn’t have time to play on his rock I was on a very long hop and told him where I was hopping too. He laughed and said I would need to be a mountain goat like him, I didn’t believe him. I think he was just being a bit mischievous. I asked if I could carry on along this track and he said only if you are a mountain goat. I said thank you and carried on, but he was right, I couldn’t carry on, so I turned round and went back down the hill. Soon I came to a place called Lee Abbey, which is a special place people who are called Christians can go for a quiet holiday and young people can go to have a nice holiday. Then I hopped under the big rocks of the valley of the rocks which was very steep and I thought I would fall over and roll all the way down! The path took me to Lynton which is a very long way above Lynmouth and if you look over the wall on the way to the cliff railway you can see Lynmouth and all the people and cars look like toys. There is a long winding steep path down to Lynmouth so I hopped down it and stopped on a bridge to look at the railway. After a hop around Lynmouth I got on the railway and went back to the top, and then it was the long hop up Lydiate lane which is very very steep. My little paws hurt so much. I think Billy was right.

Keep hopping

Lynton info
valley of the rock info
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