Bunty goes to the seaside


I spent another day of my adventure by having a hop by the side of the river to a place called Watersmeet, it’s where two rivers meet. It was very pretty and lots of the water was running over the top of big bricks making little waterfalls. I would have liked to have gone further but the clouds were going very black and I didn’t want to get wet so I went to a place called Woolacombe where it was very warm and sunny. I played on the sand and paddled in the sea, and watched some people standing on boards on top of the water. They ran out into the sea then jumped on the board and came back onto the beach on top of the waves. It looked like so much fun. I watched a dog running in and out of the water barking and getting all excited and when he came nearer to me I asked him what the people were doing. He told me it was called surfing and his man daddy was out there, and when he had finished he sometimes let him ride on the board too. Just then his man daddy came and called him, the dog got all excited again shouting ‘my turn my turn’ and ran off, he stop and turn to me and asked me if I wanted a turn. I said thank you but I was feeling a little tired, so I headed off for a carrot and a rest.

Watersmeet info woolacombe info photos

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