Bunty goes to Bodenham

I have been on a hop to a place called Bodenham Arboretum; an arboretum is a place full of different trees, a bit like a wood. This one had lots of things to see not just trees. There were pools and things called follies, which are buildings or strange things just dotted around, as well as some lovely flowers and a farm. I started my hop up a little hill and hopped down a little bridge under a weeping willow onto Giants Island where I sat at the Giants table, it was very, very big, then I hopped through some very tall trees called poplars and the little path was called Poplar Dingle. I saw lots of pools but not many ducks; the ones I did see were waddling along the grass and when I asked them where they were going they told me to follow them. They took me to a birdfeeder which was sat on a table very high up and they told me they waited underneath until the little birds had their dinner because they always threw some seed out and the ducks get to eat it. They asked if I want to join them as there was plenty of seed, I thanked them and told them I had had a very big breakfast. I then hopped a little further and through the bluebells, there were so many of them that when you hopped away from them and looked back the ground looked like it was covered in blue grass.

I hopped on through more trees and bluebells until I came to the Gazebo, which is like a little house, except it only has one room, it’s nice to sit in it in the sunshine. I then hopped over to see the sheep in their field, the mommies and daddies where all lying down and the babies were playing, but every time they went a little too far away their mommies would bleat and they came running back. I hopped down a little hill and found a little pool which had a sundial in front of it; I had to climb up to read it! After another short hop I came to another bridge so I went across it and found myself on Big Island, where I found a very big weather cone, I think it would hurt you very much if it fell on your head!

I hopped a little further and came to the Laburnum Tunnel which is a tunnel with bright yellow flowers growing all over it, it was very pretty. Then I went for a look around the Azalea garden which had lots of Azalea with very big flowers that smelt lovely.

I met a butterfly, who was just as silly as all the other butterflies I have ever met; she wouldn’t keep still so that I could speak to her, so I gave up.

I hopped up some big hills and down the other side until I got back on the path, I was very tired by then so I went home for a carrot and a nap.

Keep hopping

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