Bunty goes to Forest of Dean


I have been on an adventure to the Forest of Dean; I have been here before in the winter time and it was very cold and snowy then. This time it was warm, so I decided to go for a canoe ride. I had my own canoe and paddled from Kerne Bridge to Symonds Yat that’s 6 miles. The nice man who took me to the starting point told me that when I came to rapids, (which is fast water going over rocks like a little waterfall), to paddle really fast, so I did, I had great fun. I saw lot’s of ducks and swans on the river but none of them wanted to talk, they were all on their nests because they all had babies or eggs to look after. I also saw the salmon, which kept jumping out of the river and landing back in with such a big splash. I got a bit dirty because there was water in the bottom of the boat, but I didn’t mind because I had such fun.

Another day I went on a very long hop from the campsite down the big hill and through the forest to Symonds Yat East, on this hop I saw a vole, but he ran away so quickly I didn’t get time to speak to him, when I got to Symonds Yat I took the hand ferry to West side and hopped all the way back up river to the suspension bridge. I got a little bit scared going over this bridge; it bounced about and creaked a lot! But I remembered what my people mommy had said. She told me when I was scared to think of something nice and carry on and that when I had done the scary thing I would feel so pleased with myself and she was right. I then hopped back up the big hill; I was very tried by the time I got back to camp, so I had to have a nap.

On the last day I hopped up another big Hill to a place called Symonds Yat Rock, from here you can see down into Symonds Yat and down into the river and I could see where I had canoed. There were a lot of people on top of the rock with cameras and big glasses called binoculars because they were looking for birds. I then hopped back down and through the forest, where I got a little bit lost because I didn’t read the map right, but I soon found the right path again. I saw some rocks and thought a climb would be fun, so I climbed up and ripped my dress.

When I got back home, my people mommy said she would sew up my dress, but I really needed to take a bath because I was very dirty, so I did. Then I went for a very long sleep.

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