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Bunty goes to a 1940’s day


Oh I have had a busy day, I went to a 1940’s day, 1940 was a very long time ago and things were very different then. There was a war on so people didn’t have a lot of food, so they grew there own, (I know all about that because my people mommy grows lots of food in the garden), but they kept chickens and pigs too! People mommy doesn’t do that. I saw lots of things and went on lots of trains.

I had to get up very early because I had to get to a place called Kidderminster Station to catch my first train, so I hopped along to our local station and hopped onto the 08.08am train which stops right next door to the Kidderminster Station so it was only a short hop across the road. Outside the station were lots of people dressed up as soldiers and old cars and barriers everywhere. Inside the station there were lots of things to look at, old shops and little rooms where people were doing washing and cooking, a place made all of sandbags where the warden used to sit. The warden was the man that made sure you were behaving and hiding all your lights at night time so that the aeroplanes couldn’t see them in the dark, he also made sure everyone was in the right place and safe if the aeroplanes started to drop bombs. Then it was time for me to hop onto my train. It was a steam train, there was lots of smoke and steam coming out of the funnel and when we started off it made a puff puff sound and the driver made the train make a toot toot sound with its whistle and as the train moved along it made me wobble about. I went all the way to Bridgnorth on this train.

At Bridgnorth station there were little stalls selling 1940s clothes and uniforms, and two people singing old songs about meeting again and cleaning windows. As I had a bit of time I hopped over the big bridge and up lots of steps to have a look at the castle. It’s not really a castle any more, it’s all fell down, there’s just one bit of a tower left and that is falling over. There is a nice big garden there now with lots of pretty flowers and a pergola which had lots of flowers and birds made from folded paper hanging from it. I hopped back to the station and got on the next train, (I was a bit naughty, I sat in a first class compartment, even though my ticket was for 3rd but I didn’t stay there). The next stop was Highley.

At Highley Station I had a hop around the Engine House which is a visitor centre, they have old trains in here to look at, they even have Gordon the train from Thomas the Tank Engine. I stopped to watch some very old films called News reels. I had never seen anything like this before, the film was on a big wheel that went into a machine called a projector and the film ran from one big wheel onto another, I could hear the projector chugging all the time, the pictures were very crackly and all in black and white and the man on the film talked funny. I saw a film about ladies clothes, and another where ships were being blown up, I would have liked to have watched more but it was time for the re-enactment (that means a pretend) of a battle on the train line. It all started with a speech made by a man called Winston Churchill who was prime minster in the 1940’s and he made lots of speeches that ‘kept peoples sprits up’ (and I would think they needed a lot of that), then a home guard man wound up the siren which was very loud, (this meant you had to go to the fall out shelters, which were sometimes in your garden and were little rooms) then some explosions, then the all clear was sounded which meant you come out of the shelters. But some Germans had parachuted down into the woods so the armies had to fight them off, there was a lot of explosions, and shooting of guns which was all very very noisy and a lot of running up and down the track with people falling over pretending to have been shot. Then it was all over and time to get the next train, but I couldn’t find a seat on the train it was all full up, so I had to stand in the guard’s compartment.

The next stop was Arley Station, here I saw a wedding, because there was a thing called rationing, (which means there wasn’t a lot of anything and everybody got the same amount and you had to make it last), people couldn’t have what they have now, so there was no big dress, the bride had on a red suit, and the cake was a little sponge cake. The vicar told us that the man had to go back to the war after the wedding but couldn’t tell us where because it was top secret, and that they had hoped to get married in the church but it had been bombed so that is why they were marrying on the station. At the end we all clapped and the vicar threw sweets to the children. I then went to look at the old cars and an old caravan, it wasn’t a bit like my people mommy and daddy’s caravan, it didn’t have a toilet or a proper cooker. But it looked a lot prettier. Then it was time for the next train. Which was full again!

The next stop was Bewdley I have been to Bewdley before so I hopped to the museum, but it wasn’t as good as last year so I had a little hop into the park, but I was getting very tired and hot, so I hopped back to the train Station and hopped on the train back To Kidderminster, and again the train was full, (I think they had sold too many tickets). At Kidderminster I heard the fly over, (that’s old aeroplanes) but I couldn’t see any because the clouds were hiding them, so I went to look around the museum which was full of old phones and bits of signals and things, then I went to have a ride on a 1940s bus, I went up stairs and was surprised to find it only had seats on one side, but they were big seats that 4 people could sit on, the bus was very bumpy and made me bounce around a lot. I didn’t have to pay the driver because all he did was drive the bus, a special man called a conductor walked around the bus taking the fares.

I was really tired by this time so I got on a real train to come home, I think I like old trains better.

Don’t for get to look at all my photos of my lovely day.

Keep hopping and leave me your words.

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