Bunty goes along a canal


I have been on a very long hop from Birmingham to Sandwell and Dudley, 8 miles! It was a very interesting walk I hopped past lots of very noisy factories and lots of buildings that were falling down. I had to hop down some very dark tunnels and I thought I might fall in the water, which wouldn’t have been very nice as it was very dirty. Some of the tunnels had stalactites growing in them, they are made when water and lime drips down and builds little hangy down things. As well as tunnels there were also some big bridges to hop over that made my little legs hurt. I didn’t meet any dogs but I did meet a heron who was fishing. I asked him his name and he told me he was called Herbert, then he showed me his large wings, when I admired them he spread them and showed me how he could fly. He took off and skimmed the top of the water, I thanked him and told him I thought he was very handsome and he spread his wings again.

Keep hopping



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