Bunty gets a new friend


I haven’t been on an adventure for a very long time. I got very tired and the weather got very horrible and stopped me from going out, but now I feel much better so I have decided to have some more adventures. First I want to tell you about my new friend, he is called Hamlet, he won’t be coming on adventures because he sleeps all day and has his adventures at night when I am asleep. Hamlet came to live with us earlier this year, he is a hedgehog and my people family adopted him. My people brother works with a very kind lady who loves animals and she had lot’s of baby hedgehog who couldn’t hibernate last winter because they weren’t fat enough. Hibernate means go for a very long sleep all through the winter so they have to be fat because they don’t like waking up. The kind lady looked after them all winter and in the spring my people brother brought one home to live in our garden. My people daddy made him a house to live in and my people mommy made him a feeding station, which my people brother calls the banqueting suite, I think that means a posh cafe, because you have to feed the hedgehogs too. Sometimes there’s not enough food for them because people use things called pesticides and fence off their gardens to the floor, so poor little hedgehogs can’t wander around to find food. Would you like to meet Hamlet? You will have to be very quiet he’s very shy, here he is….

Hedgehog info

keep on hopping

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