Bunty goes to London

london 001hello

I have been on an adventure to a place called London. First of all I had to get the train to Birmingham, I have been on a train before, I like trains. Then I had to get on a coach. A coach is like a big bus, but the chairs are much bigger and you have to wear a seat belt, I was a bit scared that I wouldn’t be able to do it up right, but I soon sorted it out. It took a long time to get to London and the coach didn’t stop once to pick-up other people, not at all like the bus or train. My people brother had told me it would be easier for me to use the tube to get round London as my legs would get very tired if I tried to hop. I wasn’t sure how sitting on a tube was going to help me get anywhere and what about if I fell of. Then he explained that a tube was just like a train, but faster and you have to be quick getting on and off. The tube was very exciting first I brought my ticket from a big machine at Victoria station then got on a very fast escalator which took me underground into a big tunnel to the District line. All of a sudden I felt a wind blowing me and then the tube train was there, I thought that was funny, but I didn’t have time to think about it because all the people started to push and jump on and off the tube train, you have to be very quick because the tube doesn’t like to wait. The tube goes very quick, you can’t even see out of the windows because it is that quick, and you are in a big tunnel, I was a little scared. I got off at South Kensington and went to see the butterflies at The Natural History Museum, they are not there all the time so I was very lucky to see them. They were in a big tent and it was very hot and just like all the other butterflies I have ever met they were all darting around. Then I saw a very big butterfly who asked me if I was enjoying the visit, I told him I was but I wish one of them would stand still long enough for me to talk to them. He laughed and said he would show me around, he told me he was called an Owl butterfly because the dots on his wings look like owls eyes. He showed me his babies which are called caterpillars, they were very big and he showed me the plant they like to eat, they had eaten all the leaves off it. Then he show me where the caterpillars go and spin a web around themselves called a cocoon. Something very magical happens inside this cocoon, the caterpillars change into butterflies, I was just in time to see one breaking out of her cocoon. Then they have to sit and wait for their wings to dry before they can fly away, this is a dangerous time for them because birds can come along and eat them! He then showed me where all his friends were having their lunch, they were enjoying some fruit, he asked me if I would like to help the butterflies in our garden by planting flowers that they liked to drink the nectar from, I told him my people mommy already did have plants like that because she likes to see all the creatures in the garden, but I think I will ask her to leave the pineapple skins out because they really like them.

Then I went into the museum, it’s a very big museum and I didn’t have time to see all of it, but I did enjoy what I did see. I saw Visions of earth which has big sculptures and rocks form under the ground and a big map of the stars, then I got on an escalator up into a big red ball, I think we were going through the middle of earth. I then went to see From the Beginning, in here I learnt all about how the world was made and how all the little creatures started out. I then saw earths treasury which had lots of pretty stones in called gems and diamonds and other things called minerals, some of them were lovely and shiny under the lights. Restless Surface had lots of rocks to look at and some of them you could touch and I learnt all about how the weather and water and rain can change the ground.
I then went to look at the Dinosaurs, oh they were so big, I am glad they are not around anymore. I had a bit of a shock when I hopped around one corner and saw one moving, then I saw that it wasn’t real, I felt very silly. I then went to the mammals because my people bother had told me about the big Whale and the Dugong, they are not real because they have to live in water and the room wasn’t big enough for a tank that big. I liked looking at all the sea creatures. I would have liked to look around more but it was getting very busy and I had to go and find Camden Market.

bun 001I hopped back to the tube and got on the Piccadilly line, then I had to change at Leicester Square and hop onto the Northern line to Camden Town, again I felt a big wind just before the tube arrived and worked out that it was the tube coming down the tunnel that was making the wind. This time I wasn’t scared because I understood about the tube trains. My people bother had told me all about the markets and all the wonderful things you can see and buy if you want to. So I hopped to the part of the market called Camden Stables Market I was looking for something to give my people daddy for Fathers Day, I saw big floppy hats which my people mommy would have liked and pretty lamps, but nothing that I thought my people daddy would like, then I saw a leather stall and found him a nice new wallet. I liked the Stable market because there were big statues of horses all over the place. Then it was time to get back on the tube, so I hopped to the station at Euston and hopped onto the Victoria line, then it was a short hop back to the coach station and onto the coach back to Birmingham. Then the train home. I was a very tired bunny when I got home, I had left my house at 7.20 to start my adventure and didn’t get back home until 10.30, but I had a lovely day.

Keep hopping and you can leave me your words if you like.

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