Bunty looks for the Supermoon

supermoon 015 Hello,
My people mommy has been telling me all about the moon and the name’s that some people call  them. Yesterdays moon was called the Strawberry moon because June is when we harvest strawberries, (our strawberries are still green so I don’t think it’s always right),  it is also called the Honeymoon by Pagan people after the special beer they make called Honey Mead, and that it was also going to be a Supermoon, that means it gets close to the earth.  At first I was a little scared, I thought it might get too close and hit us, but my people mommy told me it wasn’t going to hit us, then I thought it would be fun to climb up the ladder and have a walk on the moon, but my people mommy told me it wasn’t going to get that near either. My people daddy said we could go and take some photos of it if I liked and my people mommy told me not to get upset if we didn’t get any, as Mother Nature doesn’t always want to play. I didn’t understand what she meant, but I was too excited to ask her and ran to get my hat. We got in the car and my people daddy drove us to the top of a big hill at a place called Clee Hills. I waited and waited but all I could see were clouds. Two sheep came over and told me their names were Sheila and Sally. They asked if I wanted to join them for tea, they were enjoying the grass, I said thank you but I have already had my tea, they munched on a little more than asked what I was doing. I told them all about the moon and they told me they had seen lot’s of them. Sally looked up and said she didn’t think I would see the moon because the clouds were getting thicker, and she was right. So we headed off home. My people mommy told me to go into the garden and look at the sky and there was the moon hiding behind some cloud. Now I understand what my people mommy meant about Mother Nature not wanting to play, our strawberries are not ripe and the clouds were too thick to see the moon and it’s all down to nature!

You can look at my Photos here.

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Keep Hopping
Love Bunty

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