Bunty makes Something to Drink

bun 003Hello,

I have been making Elderflower Fizz.

There is a very big tree in the garden and my people mommy picks the flowers  every year to make a fizzy drink, this year she said I could make it.  My people mommy showed me the recipe in the recipe  book, a recipe is a list of what you need and how to put it all together to make something yummy to eat or drink . The recipe said I needed

6 Elderflowers
2lb sugar
3 lemons
10 litres water
4 tablespoons of white vinegar

I climb up the tree to pick the flowers, it was very high and wobbly but I didn’t fall, I had to look for flowers that were open and looked all creamy in colour, they smelt lovely. There were lots of spiders and webs in the tree and they all got stuck in my ears and they were very tickley. After I had climbed down I remembered to thank the tree by saying ‘Thank you Mother Elderflower for your bounty’ my people mommy say’s you should always thank the plants for what they share with us.

bun 002

My people mommy told me everything has to be very clean when you are cooking so I scrubbed out the very big bucket and I fell in! My people mommy said I might find it easer if I turned the bucket on its side to clean it so I did that and it was. Then I had to put 10 litres of water in the bucket, it took a long time because I had to measure it out with a little jug and I had to remember to count the jugs. I then put all of the sugar in and had to stir and stir until all the sugar had dissolved, that means you can’t see it anymore. Next I had to cut the lemons in half very carefully with a sharp knife. My people mommy helped me hold the knife then I squeezed the juice in the bucket, lemons can be naughty the juice squirted everywhere, then I had to put all of the lemon skin and pips into the bucket. I had to measure the vinegar very carefully because too much would make the fizz taste nasty. My people mommy told me I had to shake the flowers very hard to get rid of all of the little bugs and then they went into the bucket and I gave it a big stir.

bun 004

The bucket was very heavy so my people mommy moved it onto the cupboard and I put the tea-towel over the top. Then I had to wait for 24 whole hours, that’s until the next day before I could do anything else to it, 24 hours is a very long time when you are waiting.

bun 005


The next day my people mommy said it was time to do the bottling and I needed to get out

The plastic sieve
The funnel
Sterilising tables

bun 007

My people mommy said I had to start by Sterilising everything, she put the cloth in a big saucepan of water and put it on the stove to boil to kill all the germs.  I had to mix the sterilising tables with water in a big jug. bunpop 001

and then I had to tip it into the bottles until they were full, I made ever such a mess, the water kept coming over the top of the bottles and spilling onto the table. I then had to wait for 15 minutes for the water to kill all the germs, why does everything involve waiting?bunpop 002

After I had waited the long 15 minutes it was time to put the cloth over the sieve, the cloth was very hot from all the boiling so I had to be very careful, the cloth is to stop all the bit’s of flowers and pips from the lemon going into the pop, my people mommy says it stops any little bugs too. ‘YUK’

bunpop 005

Next my people mommy helped me empty out the bottles and showed me how to fill them with the pop, you have to take care that you don’t fill them too much and leave room at the top, because they can blow-up if there’s not enough room for the fizz. So I filled all the bottles up to where my people mommy had shown me and put the lids on tight.
bunpop 006

You must always put a label on with what it is and the date so that everyone knows that it’s safe to drink and when they can drink it. Guess what? I have to wait again, a whole week before I can drink it.
bunpop 007

Keep Hopping

and you can leave me your words if you like

love Bunty


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