Bunty begins to learn about gardening

bun 004 My people mommy likes to grow food in the garden and the green house. Isn’t green house a silly name to call it, it’s not green at all, it’s all made of glass, except for the back and a piece in the roof. They are plastic because they got broke, but they are still not green.

I asked if I could grow something  nice to eat but my people mommy said all the main planting had been done, but I could try to grow Cress which doesn’t take very long to grow. I thought that sounded like fun, so I hopped down to the green house and found a container, put some soil in nearly to the top and sprinkled on the Cress seeds. Cress seeds are very small and brown, how can something grow out of them? Then I sprinkled some water on the top, now I have to wait.

There are lot’s of ways to grow cress, some people grow it in a saucer on cotton wool or tissues paper, my people mommy told me that once when she was at a place called school they grew it in an egg shell and drew a face on the shell so that the cress looked like hair. That sounds like fun. I might try that one day.

Keep Hopping

love Bunty


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