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Bunty goes to Shugborough Country Show

shugborough  game show 302Hello,
I have been on another adventure, this time to a country show. It was in the grounds of a big house called Shugborough Hall, but I didn’t hop into the house, there was just so much to see at the show. A country Show as lots of thing to see, there were stalls selling all sorts of pretty things made from wood and shiny jewellery, toys and lots of things to eat and drink. There were also people giving demonstrations, (that means showing you how to do something), of how to make Besom brooms like the one my people mommy has in her kitchen.

The best bit was all of the animals, first I went to look at the goats, one of the baby goats looked a bit grumpy and when I asked him why wasn’t he playing with the other goats he told me it was because he was sulking because he didn’t like being in the naughty pen, and when I asked him why he had to sit in the naughty pen he told me it was because he kept getting out of the big pen and it wasn’t fair because his brother was still in the big pen. I hop over to see his brother who was happily eating the grass, he told me his brother was always  getting out and his people were worried he would get hurt so that’s why they put him in the little pen. Then I hopped over to the Birds of prey, they all looked very proud, I told the owls that I thought they were very handsome and Willow the Falcon started complaining that he was handsome too, I told him that I thought he was handsome but I hadn’t got round to his part of the tent to take a better look, and he told me he ate bunnies. I don’t think I like Willow. Then I hopped over to look at the hens with their pretty feathers. Soon it was time to find a chair because the big shows were about to start.

The first animals were the miniature Ponies, they are very small.  After they had walked around the ring and said hello to everyone they had a race, Tommy won, he loves to run very fast. I liked the miniature ponies they were very sweet. The next animals to come into the ring were Horkesley Parks’s heavy horses, oh my they are so big, I was a little scared. The horses are called Suffolk Punches and there are only 450 of them left in the whole wide world, that is a shame because they are really very nice, even if they are very big. One of the horses pulled a big log behind him and he could get it to go through very little gaps between cones, I thought he was so clever.

Then it was the working dogs, these made me laugh. The first dog was a little puppy and he was getting very confused because he could hear his masters voice coming out of the loudspeaker but could see him in front of him, next the man brought on a black labrador who he had just started to train, he was a bit naught and made every body laugh when he ran out of the ring into the crowd. The next two dogs were supposed to show us how good they are at stopping and waiting to be called, the man threw two toys into two different corners of the ring and the dogs sat and waited to be told to fetch them, but the labrador from earlier got off his lead and ran into the ring and chased after the toys, that made every body laugh again.

The next bit was very frighting people on big horses with very brightly coloured clothes and big lances went racing around the ring hitting targets. Then they hit each other! They rode very fast, I though they might come out and ride over people. I looked at my program and saw that this was called Jousting and it used to be done a very long time ago, it was very exciting and once I understood that they were only playing I really enjoyed it. At the end of the show the presenter introduce the riders and one of them was a lady called Hannah Pusey Hill and she is the only lady jouster in the world, (I think that’s what he said), I though she was very brave, I don’t think I would like to fight like she did and I wouldn’t like to fall off my horse like she did even if it is only playing!

I then went to look at the goats and the lady told us all about which goats are best for what. Some goats make good lawn mowers, I thought that was funny, they like to eat grass and nettles. Some goats are good for food and some are good for giving milk, then there are some that give nice soft wool. My people mommy likes goats and wishes she could have one, or two or lots.

After the goats it was the turn of the terriers, they were very funny too. They had to try to catch a very smelly ball on a piece of rope, they were really enjoying themselves, then the presenter asked some children to come into the ring to race against the dogs, oh dear there were children running all over the place. Then it was the turn of any dogs in the crowd to have a go at catching the ball. The first dog was brought on by his people daddy and when he was released he ran straight back to his people mommy, the next one just ran off and the next one caught the ball then tried to eat it.

Then it time for the birds of prey to show off, I think they must have been too hot because none of them wanted to fly to far. The big owl just sat on the post and his handler had to come right up to him to get him take the meat. He said he didn’t feel like flying around and he  knew his people would  feed him  whether he showed off or not. Then it was the Falcons turn, they flew around the ring and landed on peoples hands.

I Hopped over to the Punch and Judy show, I had never seen one of these before, it was a big stripy box with a little window cut out of the top, the curtains opened and up popped a puppet called Mr. Punch . We all had to shout out and tell Mr Punch  where the other puppets were and when he said ‘That’s the way to do it’ we had to shout out ‘Oh no it isn’t’. There was a funny Crocodile who ate all of  the sausages.  Mr Punch is very naughty he threw the baby down the stairs, hit Mrs punch, hit the doctor, and Joey the clown, then a ghost came and scared Mr. Punch away.

When Punch had finished I hopped over to see the ferret racing, ferrets are funny little long animals who seem to like running through pipes, one of them ran down his pipe and then turned round and ran back up it again.

I didn’t get to talk to a lot of the animals because they were all very busy and tired, I was tired to so I hopped home and went to bed

Keep hopping

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love Bunty


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Bunty goes to Moseley park

mosley park 012Hello,
I have been on an adventure this time to a place called Moseley Park. First I had to get on a train to Birmingham then on a bus to Moseley, then I had to hop to the entrance of the park. It was very hard to find because it is down the side of two shops, it’s a secret park. The park is called a gated park which means it has a big fence all around it with gates which have to be open with a key. To get a key you have to pay a lot of money, but every so often they have an open day which means anyone can visit. I hopped around the big pool and had a chat with some of the ducks, they told me they didn’t mind the open days or the music festivals, but didn’t like it when lots of people leave lots of rubbish around, I told them I always took my rubbish home and they said that was a good thing to do, dropping rubbish not only makes the park look messy it is also dangerous for the little animals.  The big swan showed me how big he could make himself  look and how he liked to fly across the top of the pool and drag his feet in the water making a big splash.  I hopped along some of the woodland paths and read some of the information boards, they have hedgehogs living in the park, I looked for their house but I couldn’t find it. I  had to climb up some very big steps and got very dirty, so when I got home I had to take a bath. I told my people brother all about it and told him I couldn’t find the hedgehog house and he told me hedgehogs in the wild don’t live in house, they build their own houses under piles of wood or trees and sometimes in compost heaps and they have to find their own food too, unless there are kind people who live by who leave them food out.

Later I went out to see Hamlet to tell him all about the park and how the hedgehogs live in the wild, Hamlet said he knew all about it because his mommy had told him what he had to do when he left his nest, but because the spring and summer had been so bad he hadn’t been able to find enough food to fill him up so that he could sleep through the winter, so that’s how he ended up with a people mommy to look after him, and now he lives with us. He said he liked living in our garden because he didn’t have to worry about whether he could find enough food.

Keep Hopping

love Bunty


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Bunty tries her fizz

bun 001


A week can feel like a very long time when you are waiting for something and I have been waiting to try my Elderflower fizz. This morning I look at the calendar and saw that it had been over a week since I had made it, I was so excited. The fizz tasted yummy, it was sweet and lemony and tasted and smelt of the flowers.

I had cress and Elderflower fizz for my breakfast.

Love Bunty


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Bunty likes her cress

gar 004 Hello,


Look at how my cress has grown,  my people mommy said that now I could eat it. So I did and it was very yummy.


Love Bunty


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Bunty goes to the Delamere Forest

Delameire 001Hello,
I have been on another adventure this time to a place called the Delamere Forest. I camped in the caravan in the middle of the forest, it was such fun, in the mornings there were lots of other bunnies hopping around. They could all hop a lot faster and higher than I can. They told me it was because they were wild rabbits and had to be able to move fast so they could hop away from foxes and birds, not birds like the birds my people family feed but birds called birds of prey. They eat little creatures!

On my first adventure I hopped around a place called Tatton Park, it is very big and there are lots of trails to follow, I hopped all of them and had a climb on a tree that had fallen over. When I had a look at the map before starting out I saw two blue blobs with the names Tatton Mere and Melchett Mere, I was curious to see what a mere was, it’s just a big pond. On Tatton Mere people were canoeing I have been canoeing it’s a lot of fun, but your paws get wet. I met some very friendly deer they told me they were Red and Fallow deer and they like living at the park because they didn’t have to worry about other animals trying to hurt them and they were fed every morning and could wander wherever they liked in the parkland, but they weren’t allowed in the gardens. The biggest deer told me his name was Darci and I told him I thought his antlers were very pretty, he said thank you and put his head down so I could take a better look. Then he told me he would lose them in the winter and grow a new set when it was spring again. Some people collect them to hang on their walls. I also met some rabbits and they showed me their burrow at the base of a tree, they told me it went all the way over to where we could see other rabbits playing, it was a very long way, they must have worked very hard digging it out and there were holes everywhere. They said it was Ok because the people who owned the land didn’t mind as long as they didn’t go into the gardens.  I was very tired and it was very hot by the time I had hopped all around the park so I went back to the caravan for a carrot and a nice long sleep.

The next day I hopped into the Delamere Forest and because I wanted to see the birds on Blakemere Moss waking up I had to be by the Moss at 7.30am which meant I had to get up very early. It was fun to see all the birds stretching their wings, but they did make a lot of noise saying good morning to each other, I tired to joint in but I couldn’t shout loud enough! I then went for a hop around the woods, and just hopped and hopped I didn’t follow any trail I was just enjoying the trees and the mosses and all the birds tweeting. When I had hopped the busy parts of the forest, I took another look at the map and decided I would like to see the Eddisbury Hillfort, it took me a long time to find it because the map didn’t give very good instructions and the signs had been over grown by trees. At the bottom of the hill I had to hop up was a field of cows, the lady cows were friendly and came over to talk to me, I told them I was looking for the hillfort and showed them the map and they told me the fort was at the top of the hill and to go through the little hole in the fence. Then the bull came over and he wasn’t very friendly at all, and didn’t want to chat. I said thank you and hopped up the hill. I found the big lump of earth where the fort would have stood and there’s a little part of the entrance been rebuild, it would be fun if they could build it all again.

I was very hot and tried and it was nearly 2.30 so I headed back to the caravan and fell asleep without eating my carrot!

Keep Hopping

love Bunty


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