Bunty goes to the Delamere Forest

Delameire 001Hello,
I have been on another adventure this time to a place called the Delamere Forest. I camped in the caravan in the middle of the forest, it was such fun, in the mornings there were lots of other bunnies hopping around. They could all hop a lot faster and higher than I can. They told me it was because they were wild rabbits and had to be able to move fast so they could hop away from foxes and birds, not birds like the birds my people family feed but birds called birds of prey. They eat little creatures!

On my first adventure I hopped around a place called Tatton Park, it is very big and there are lots of trails to follow, I hopped all of them and had a climb on a tree that had fallen over. When I had a look at the map before starting out I saw two blue blobs with the names Tatton Mere and Melchett Mere, I was curious to see what a mere was, it’s just a big pond. On Tatton Mere people were canoeing I have been canoeing it’s a lot of fun, but your paws get wet. I met some very friendly deer they told me they were Red and Fallow deer and they like living at the park because they didn’t have to worry about other animals trying to hurt them and they were fed every morning and could wander wherever they liked in the parkland, but they weren’t allowed in the gardens. The biggest deer told me his name was Darci and I told him I thought his antlers were very pretty, he said thank you and put his head down so I could take a better look. Then he told me he would lose them in the winter and grow a new set when it was spring again. Some people collect them to hang on their walls. I also met some rabbits and they showed me their burrow at the base of a tree, they told me it went all the way over to where we could see other rabbits playing, it was a very long way, they must have worked very hard digging it out and there were holes everywhere. They said it was Ok because the people who owned the land didn’t mind as long as they didn’t go into the gardens.  I was very tired and it was very hot by the time I had hopped all around the park so I went back to the caravan for a carrot and a nice long sleep.

The next day I hopped into the Delamere Forest and because I wanted to see the birds on Blakemere Moss waking up I had to be by the Moss at 7.30am which meant I had to get up very early. It was fun to see all the birds stretching their wings, but they did make a lot of noise saying good morning to each other, I tired to joint in but I couldn’t shout loud enough! I then went for a hop around the woods, and just hopped and hopped I didn’t follow any trail I was just enjoying the trees and the mosses and all the birds tweeting. When I had hopped the busy parts of the forest, I took another look at the map and decided I would like to see the Eddisbury Hillfort, it took me a long time to find it because the map didn’t give very good instructions and the signs had been over grown by trees. At the bottom of the hill I had to hop up was a field of cows, the lady cows were friendly and came over to talk to me, I told them I was looking for the hillfort and showed them the map and they told me the fort was at the top of the hill and to go through the little hole in the fence. Then the bull came over and he wasn’t very friendly at all, and didn’t want to chat. I said thank you and hopped up the hill. I found the big lump of earth where the fort would have stood and there’s a little part of the entrance been rebuild, it would be fun if they could build it all again.

I was very hot and tried and it was nearly 2.30 so I headed back to the caravan and fell asleep without eating my carrot!

Keep Hopping

love Bunty


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