Bunty goes to Moseley park

mosley park 012Hello,
I have been on an adventure this time to a place called Moseley Park. First I had to get on a train to Birmingham then on a bus to Moseley, then I had to hop to the entrance of the park. It was very hard to find because it is down the side of two shops, it’s a secret park. The park is called a gated park which means it has a big fence all around it with gates which have to be open with a key. To get a key you have to pay a lot of money, but every so often they have an open day which means anyone can visit. I hopped around the big pool and had a chat with some of the ducks, they told me they didn’t mind the open days or the music festivals, but didn’t like it when lots of people leave lots of rubbish around, I told them I always took my rubbish home and they said that was a good thing to do, dropping rubbish not only makes the park look messy it is also dangerous for the little animals.  The big swan showed me how big he could make himself  look and how he liked to fly across the top of the pool and drag his feet in the water making a big splash.  I hopped along some of the woodland paths and read some of the information boards, they have hedgehogs living in the park, I looked for their house but I couldn’t find it. I  had to climb up some very big steps and got very dirty, so when I got home I had to take a bath. I told my people brother all about it and told him I couldn’t find the hedgehog house and he told me hedgehogs in the wild don’t live in house, they build their own houses under piles of wood or trees and sometimes in compost heaps and they have to find their own food too, unless there are kind people who live by who leave them food out.

Later I went out to see Hamlet to tell him all about the park and how the hedgehogs live in the wild, Hamlet said he knew all about it because his mommy had told him what he had to do when he left his nest, but because the spring and summer had been so bad he hadn’t been able to find enough food to fill him up so that he could sleep through the winter, so that’s how he ended up with a people mommy to look after him, and now he lives with us. He said he liked living in our garden because he didn’t have to worry about whether he could find enough food.

Keep Hopping

love Bunty


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