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Bunty goes to Devils Spittleful.

devils spillfull 105Hello, I have been on another adventure, this time to look at a rock made out of sandstone and to see what heathland looks like. First of all I had to hop through some woodland which looked very pretty with its autumn colours. The trees were losing their leaves and their fruit. The ground was covered with little apples, acorns and conkers still in their prickly shells. I hopped very quickley because I didn’t want to be hit on the head.  After I had hopped through the woodland I hopped across a field and under a bridge, I couldn’t find any signs and I wasn’t at all sure I was going the right way, then I met a horse who told me he couldn’t stop and chat but all I had to do was follow the path, so I did. Then I came to a field full of cows, I stopped to ask them the way. They asked me why I wanted to see the rock I told them it was because it had a funny name and they thought that was funny. One of the cows told me her name was Poppy and said there was a legend about the rock, (a legend is an old story). Poppy said that a very long time ago the Devil decided he would block up the River Severn and flood Bewdley, he took a big spade of sandstone and began to walk to the river, on the way he met an old man who was carrying a lot of old worn out shoes. The Devil asked the man how far it was to Bewdley, but the old man knew the Devil was up to no good so he said ‘well I have worn out all of these shoes walking from there.’ The Devil thought it was too far to walk so he dumped the sandstone where it is now, and that’s why it’s called the Devils spittleful. Poppy said that it was just a story and that some very clever people called archaeologists think it was an iron age or bronze age settlement. Poppy told me I could hop around the bottom of it, but not to climb it as it was unsafe. I thought that sounded like fun so I found the gate and went for a hop around the bottom. it is very big and very tall. I think the stone age bunnies must have had very strong legs, or could hop very high.

I hopped through the heathland which had lots of Heather in it, I think it must look very pretty in the summer. Then back to the start of my hop and then I hopped into Bewdley and to the station. I wanted to see the steam trains, but I had just missed one and the next one was a long wait, I went into the waiting room and looked at all the old photos of the station and the trains and even after that it was still a long wait so I hopped into the town and through the museum to the big pond.  All the fish were playing on the top and trying to catch the flies. One of the trees had on a woolly jumper, I have never seen a tree wearing a jumper before and I couldn’t find a board or sign anywhere to tell me why the tree would want to wear a jumper. Just as I was about to hop off a very fluffy cat who had been asleep on a bench looked up and called to me, she asked if I wanted to sit on the bench with her as it was the warmest spot in the garden, I thanked her and we had a chat about the fish in the pond. She told me her name was Sheba and that she liked to sit and look at the fish, when I asked her about the tree, she said she didn’t know why the tree had on a jumper, but people do the strangest of things.

By this time it was starting to get late, so I said goodbye and came home for a rest and a carrot.

Keep hopping

love Bunty

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Bunty goes to Plantasia

plantasiaa 012 Hello,
I have been on another adventure this time to a place called Plantasia and Maze world. I had to get two trains and a bus to get there, I knew the first train and the stops because I have used them before, but I was unsure about the other train and bus. My people mommy and brother told me just to ask the train conductor and the bus driver and they would help me, so that’s what I did. Plantasia is a lovely place full of exciting things to do, there’s a big pond with ducks and really big fish called carp which you can feed with special food you buy in the shop. It was really funny because the ducks wanted some to, and they just walked over the top of the fish to get some. I fed them at the end of my adventure before I came home.

First I went in the interactive centre, there were lots of buttons to push and things to play with, and they all told you about how things grow and why we need them to grow. There was a little film to watch and things to feel and smell.

Then I hopped to the mazes, the first maze was called the Antarctic labyrinth and was easy, then I hopped to the Japanese Trellis Maze, at the center is a lovely waterfall. Then I hopped around the Australian wooden pole Maze, I got a little lost in this one, I went around and around in circles for about 10 minutes and kept coming back to the same place, I thought someone was moving the walls when I wasn’t looking, but I found my way out in the end. Then it was into the African reed fence maze, in the middle was a big truck. There was a table and chairs too so I had a little rest and a snack and checked the map to see what I was going to do after the mazes. Next was the English hedge maze, there are three gardens and a hedgehog to find, I found the gardens but I didn’t find the hedgehog. It took me a long time. Then I hopped to the Canadian Maze, this one was very confusing but I did it in the end.

I then hopped around the lake and through the orchard where there were some lovely red apples and plums then passed the butterfly garden, but I didn’t see any butterflies and then passed the dragonfly pool to the tree-house and tree top walk. It was very high!

I then had a little hop though the woods to the woodland gallery where I had a little rest, it’s very pretty. It’s very quiet and there are wind-chimes hanging in the trees, but it wasn’t windy enough to make them sing.

Then I hopped to the farm to see the animals, first of all I went to see the big pigs, two were fast asleep, but one was not and he came over to talk to me. he asked me if I was enjoying myself and where I had come from and I told him I was and how far I had come. He shouted at the other pigs to wake up because I had come a long way, I don’t think they were very happy about being woke up. I then went to see the guinea pigs, ponies and donkey’s.  Then I went to meet Tom the goat, he told me he liked it when people scratch between his ears, so I gave him a scratch and a stroke, after he had said thank you he asked me if I could go and see the chickens and be nice to them as the cockerel had been pecking at them, I said I would, but first I went to see the sheep and alpacas and then to the chickens, and the cockerel had been picking at them, some of them had lost lot’s of feathers. So I had a little chat with them and they told me it didn’t hurt and their people put special purple cream on them to make it better.  I was getting tired so I hopped back to the bus stop and started the trip home.

Here are my photos

Keep hopping.

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Bunty Fly’s her kite


I thought you would like to see me flying my kite at the seaside.





Keep hopping

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Bunty goes to waterfall country

I have been on another adventure, this time to Waterfall Country. Waterfall country is in a place called the Brecon Beacons which is in Wales. I stayed in the Wendy house which was parked by a little river, it was very pretty but it didn’t have any fish, but there were sheep and lamas. I met one called Lucy, she was very funny and a little bit naughty. She told me that sometimes she didn’t want to go into the nighttime field and would run off so her people daddy had to chase her around the trees until she went into the field. She thought this was very funny but she said the donkeys didn’t think it was because when she ran off  they had to wait for her.

The first waterfall I hopped to was Henrhyd Falls, first I had to hop down a very big steep hill, it was very slippy but it was a wide path so it wasn’t at all scary. At the bottom of the hill I hopped over the wooden bridge and up a little path, I could hear Henrhyd before I saw it, it was very noisy. Henrhyd is the tallest waterfall in south Wales it’s 90ft tall! I hopped behind it very carefully because to get behind it you have to hop over very slippy rocks which are right next to the water. I was a little bit scared of falling in, but I did it. Then I had the long hop back up the big hill. I was very tired so I went back to the Wendy house for a nap.

The next day I thought it would be nice to see the sea and fly my kite, so I went to Rhossili Bay. I like Rhossili Bay on one side there are the cliffs with the worms head. It’s not really a worms head, it’s a big island which looks like a sea serpent with its head in the air, if you stand in the right place, it was called ‘Wurm’ which means ‘dragon’ by Viking invaders, but the word got changed over the years. When the tide is out you can hop onto the island, but it is a hard hop. After I had hopped along the cliff and visited the sheep, they were to busy eating their dinner to chat, I went down to the beach. It is a very big hop down to the beach, you have to go down lot’s of steps and slopes, my little legs were all shaky when I got to the bottom, so I found a place to sit and had a carrot. I then tried to fly my kite, but it was too windy and the kite lifted me off the ground, I was a little bit scared, but I thought it was great fun too. The windy got more and more blowy and all the sand started to fly around, this is called a sandstorm and it was hurting me so I went back to the Wendy house and had some lettuce and a nap.

The next day I went on a very long hop and saw 4 waterfalls the trail is called The Elidir Trail. The first waterfall was easy to hop to, first I hopped down a gorge and passed Farewell rock, the miners called it this because they couldn’t find any riches in there. Then I had to hop past an old corn mill, there’s only a doorway left now and a couple of big stones that were used to grind the corn. Then it was a hop up another muddy path to Sgwd Gwladus, The Lady Falls. You can stand behind this one too, but it is a tiny ledge. It then started to get a bit harder to hop, the trail was very steep, rocky, slippy and very narrow in parts. It didn’t take me long to hop to the next water fall Sgwd y Bedol the horseshoe fall which was very pretty, then another hop up another steep, slippy, rocky hill to Sgwd Ddwli Lsaf which I nearly missed, as you have to go off the path and down a little path to see it. The last one a little further along the trail is Sgwd Ddwli Uchaf which is very very pretty and if you hopped to the top you can stand on top of the waterfall, but you do have to be very carefull and then I had to hop all the way back again.

I was very tired and though that after a nap it was time to go home.

here are my photos
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New Clothes

cat 003

There now I am ready for another adventure

Keep hopping

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Bunty walks the Stourport Circular

stourport walk 024I have been on a hop, this time around Stourport and I lost a shoe, and got prickles in my bum! The hop starts at Blackstone picnic park and I had to hop up a hill and go under a big bridge then into a little wood and through Burlish Top nature reserve. There were lots of blackberry bushes but they didn’t have any fruit on them, I was a little disappointed. I know if I had picked some my people mommy would have made me a pie. I didn’t meet any birds or dogs, it was very quiet. Then I had to hop right on the golf course, I was a little bit scared of all the balls, but my people daddy had told be before about walking on a golf course. You have to stay close to the edges and listen for a shout, if you hear FOUR you have to crouch down and make yourself as small as you can and cover your head with your arms, then if you do get hit by a ball it won’t hurt so much. Then I had to hop over a road and onto bridge number 9. The bridge goes over the canal and it’s very high up. I hopped onto the top to have a look over and there was a barge in the water, the man on the barge shouted up to be to be careful as it could get slippery on the top, I didn’t slip but I did lose my shoe. I hopped along the canal for a little while and met a family of ducks, some people were throwing bread to them but they weren’t eating any of it. I asked them if they felt poorly and they laugh and told me because the weather had been so nice lots of people had been to feed them and they were full up, and they would rather people came in the winter when there wasn’t much weed to eat. I decided to have a little rest and sat by the water, then I saw a piece of bread moving along very fast, when I looked closer lots of little fish were nibbling it, they told me they liked it when the ducks didn’t eat all of the bread because they could have it for their dinner. I saw some pretty little prickly flowers and climbed up to take a better look and this is where I got all prickles stuck to my fur, it took ever such a long time to get them all out.
I hopped along the canal a little further and came to a white bridge, it’s not on the map but I hopped across it and through the creaking gate into the old church yard of St Michael’s and All Angels. Some of the graves are so old all of the words on the stones have disappeared and some of the stones have fallen over, others have been covered with ivy. I saw a big black cat sitting on one of the graves and he told me he like it there because it was quiet and there were lots of mice to chase. The church is funny, the new church is in the center with parts of the old church around the outside. After I had had a hop around I went back onto the canal and hopped the rest of the way into Stourport. I stopped to look at the boats in the basin and had a ride in an helicopter on the fun fair, then it was time to get back on the path and start the hop back. First I hopped along the river and past the two camp sites, I saw sheep and cows in the field but they were all too far away to chat to. I was very tired by the time I had climbed the hill and hopped the last few yards back to the start.

When I got home and told mommy about my shoe she said she would make me all new clothes.

Keep hopping

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